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Urgent: Help Kimi Island Recover from Horrific Fire

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Help is needed URGENTLY on an already impoverished island in Uganda devastated by a fire. 100% of your tax–deductible donation will go directly to those in need.

On October 15, a devastating fire gutted down Kimi Island on Lake Victoria in Uganda. Already impoverished, this 97 acre island is home to over 7,000 residents who rely primarily on fishing. Over 5,000 of these residents lost their homes, property, and sources of livelihood in the fire. Where before residents were living in small, crowded wooden shacks, they now have nothing - no food, no shelter, no clean water, and no medical services. As a small island community, there is no access to relief or rescue services.

The situation is dire. Two people have died, and over 200 more were injured. Over 5,000 residents are now homeless and without the most basic essentials. Almost 1000 homes were destroyed, along with commercial buildings, medical clinics, and schools.

Kimi Island is one of the 12 occupied islands that make up the Koome Islands, and the commercial 'hub' of the Islands. Over 100,000 fishermen and residents of the other Islands flock to Kimi for the busy daily market to trade their produce, buy essentials, and bank. Now, everyone is facing shortages.

The Chimpanzee Trust on neighborhing Ngamba Island has come to the rescue of the people of Koome and is providing food and shelter, blankets, sanitary materials and medical assistance through a medical camp. However, they need more funds and support towards mitigating the effects of this disaster.

The people of Kimi Island need your help NOW! There is need for more food, shelter, clean drinking water, sanitary services, medicines and health care, clothes, and construction materials to assist them rebuild their lives.

You can help.Your donation will go directly to the poor, the traumatized, and the injured, to help them through this devastating crisis.

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