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A Second Chance For Women

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Break the cycle of poverty: help provide job-training opportunities to women in need.

The crushing cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty can leave women feeling hopeless and helpless, stealing their self-confidence and stranding them in shelters or on the streets. Those without even a GED or high-school diploma have an especially hard time supporting themselves — and many are single mothers who have children to care for as well.

A shelter may offer a temporary roof over their heads, but does nothing to help them toward self-sufficiency. To make lasting changes in their lives, these women need the training, help, and support to successfully develop job skills, find job opportunities, and discover where their talents lie.

Women's Bean Project offers transitional jobs designed to provide women with an immediate income, as well as support services to overcome barriers to employment. Life skills, GED and computer classes, and hands-on training are all crafted to help women support themselves and their families. The tools they gain empower these women to create better lives for themselves, provide their families with hope, and contribute to a stronger community.

You can help get women back on their own two feet. This Gift That Gives More™ helps fund practical workforce training for women in need — from jewelry-making to computer classes, and even forklift certification — setting them up for higher-wage jobs and self-sufficiency.

Report from the Field

Fron Women's Bean Project, September 2011:

In June, Women's Bean Project held our yearly open orientation. Staff called all past applicants for openings in the program. More than 100 showed up — and eventually we were able to hire 20 women on to add to our current crew. At 38, it is our largest group ever!

Mango Before Angela is just one of the many women helped this year at Women's Bean Project: "I moved to Denver to help out family, and after I arrived, I just couldn't find a job fast enough. Bills started to pile up, and I couldn't pay my rent. I was never involved in drugs, and I don't have a felony. I started to feel really unstable, and stopped believing in myself. I got so tired of not being self-sufficient. Being homeless was so incredibly depressing. I learned a lot about myself at the Bean. I have gained so much self-esteem and confidence from being here. In my career, I really want to do something that gives back to the community in some way, especially after seeing how much good can be done. At the Bean, there really are a lot of wonderful participants, volunteers, donors and staff involved in making a difference."

About Women's Bean Project

Since 1989, Women's Bean Project has been dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. The project strives to change women's lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise, breaking the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty to help women support themselves and their families.

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Artisan: Women's Bean Project, Denver

Artisan Women's Bean Project, Denver

Since 1989, The Women's Bean Project has been dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. The Women's Bean, as it's often fondly referred to in Denver, aims to teach workplace competencies through employment in on-site businesses to women who come from backgrounds of chronic unemployment or poverty. The organization helps women discover their talents and develop skills by offering job readiness training. With this stepping-stone toward success, the women will be able to support themselves and their families, and create stronger role models for future generations.

Jossy Eyre founded The Women's Bean Project as a result of her volunteer work at a day shelter for homeless women. Eyre saw that while the shelter kept women safe, it could not help them make lasting changes in their lives. Eyre bought $500 worth of beans and gave two homeless women work - the first step in building the social enterprise they are today. The training opportunities at the Women's Bean Project have expanded dramatically over the years and they now help many more women.

Artisan Waesheia

"I have been held back in the past by a negative attitude, low self-esteem, insecurity and feeling unloved. The Bean Project is helping me get to work, open up and talk about my feelings, find a place to live and is teaching me job skills."

Artisan Latoya

"What I have learned in the time I have been at The Women's Bean Project is that you can always start over and be accepted regardless of your past. I've overcome the barriers to unemployment. I now have a means to provide for my two sons and am motivated to accomplish much more. I am learning the skills of being able to work effectively and communicate with others. I am learning to express myself and recognize how I behave affects my work as well as my life. I want to own my own business someday, and The Women's Bean Project is acting as a bridge to help me reach my goals as I accomplish the steps I need to get there and be successful."

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