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Help a Family Caring for a Child with Autism

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Help pay critical living expenses during a catastrophic life event for a family affected by autism.

Families living with autism often need additional and specialized support in recovering from critical life events. Together we can support these families in their time of need. Each Support Award is done on a case-by-case basis and is tailor-designed to most help the affected family.

Eligible families have a child (or children) diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, an income of $40,000 or less, and have experienced a catastrophic life event (such as a natural disaster, death or critical illness in the nuclear family, a violent crime, loss or imminent loss of home, or recent unemployment of the primary income-earner).

You can help reach families in need. AutismCares™, the consortium of leading autism charities who make the Support Awards, is not currently able to help all families who apply. Families complete an online application, and applications are reviewed and selected each month. The maximum Support Award per family is $1000 and helps pay critical living expenses -- for example, heat, mortgage, day care -- for a family affected by autism.

Family Testimonials

"I have two small children with autism and can't work full-time while I take care of them . . . because of AutismCares our home was rescued from foreclosure. Our electricity was in danger of being shut off, and we had no way of paying the huge bill that had accumulated over the months of not being able to pay it. AutismCares helped us with that as well. The stress and worry was almost too much to handle. I cannot even begin to tell you how I felt when I received the phone call letting us know we were going to be receiving an AutismCares grant. You cannot imagine how much we appreciate your help. We are so very grateful to you. Thank you so much."

"I would like to thank AutismCares in helping us with our family while we are in financial need. AutismCares helped us save our home of 15 years. This is not just a house, but it is a safe place for all five of our children, especially for Hannah, 11, who has autism. She is an escape expert and a runner and our home has unique modifications for the challenges she gives us, that would have been so difficult to replace. Words cannot describe what the AutismCares grant means to us. Thanks to everyone."

About AutismCares

AutismCares is a consortium of leading autism organizations who have come together to support individuals with autism and their families during natural disasters and other catastrophic life events. AutismCares is funded by the contributions of the its partners and other individual donations. 100% of donations from member organizations are distributed to the families in need.

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