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Sal Viva - The Salt of Life

Item # 41612
No longer available

Once the exclusive delight of Aztec kings, our delectable gourmet salt is harvested by hand in Juluchuca, Mexico, just as it has been for centuries. Natural savory goodness awaits!

Summer rains wash rich minerals off the Sierra Madre mountain range, filling seaside lagoons. As the lagoons evaporate in the hot sun, peasant farmers form calcium drying ponds and eventually gather Sal Viva salt by hand. Your purchase supports traditional artisanal salt producers who receive fair market prices for their product.

  • 8 oz (250 mg)
  • 100% natural
  • Package is 95% post-consumer recycled paper products
  • Hand harvested in and fairly traded from Mexico

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Artisan: Sal Viva

Artisan Sal Viva

The manufacture of salt is thought to be humanity's oldest chemical enterprise due to its usefulness in food preservation and savory flavor. A centuries-old mineralogical tradition that dates back to the courts of Aztec kings, the salt from the Juluchuca region of Mexico has long been highly valued. Until recently, the process of salt farming was an elegant one, in tune with the environment -- summer rains washed the salt down from the Sierra Madre Mountains, filling seaside lagoons. As the hot Mexican sun evaporated the lagoons, salt farmers hand-built calcium drying ponds and harvested the crystallizing salt. But recent generations have opted for a cheap and easy alternative to the traditional method -- using plastic-lined drying ponds. The plastic leaches into the salt, contaminating its purity. Worse yet, when the rains come, the plastic is left behind to contaminate the lagoon. Not so with Sal Viva. “We harvest the salt the same way our grandparents harvested salt. Your support allows us to compete against producers who resort to plastic because it is cheaper but contaminates.” - George

George travels from his home in Veracruz to Juluchuca every January to work alongside his brothers, supporting their 80-year-old mother with the salt harvest. They stay for the entirety of the dry season, working the drying ponds just as centuries of harvesters have before them. George and his brothers work in the traditional way out of pride, respect for the environment, and commitment to the quality of their product. The purchase of Sal Viva salts promotes a premium price for traditional harvest methods while defending the salt and lagoons from plastic contamination. This provides an economic incentive for those less committed to tradition and the environment to eliminate plastic usage. Beyond providing a benefit to their community and environment, Sal Viva is a healthier, artisanal salt that greatly enhances the flavor of the food you cook and enjoy.

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