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Alison Blair Beaded Stone Ring

Item # 35355
No longer available

A lovely mix of shiny sterling silver or vermeil, paired with the raw beauty of amethyst and chrysocolla stones makes a gorgeous adornment for your finger – and due to the ring's elastic band, it can fit any finger you choose!

Metal beads and natural stone beads are strung onto elastic bands, creating a one-size-fits-most accessory. Please choose from Amethyst, which is paired with silver beads, or Chrysocolla, which is paired with gold-vermeil beads. Designed and handmade in the U.S.A. by artisan Alison Blair.

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August 15, 2013 - I had this Amethyst ring and wore it almost daily. I LOVED it & received many. many compliments; however, after just a couple of weeks of wearing it, the ring broke. I have the all pieces & hope to put it together again myself, but it is a shame it lasted such a short time.

Artisan: Alison Blair

Artisan Alison Blair

Born and raised on the east coast, Alison Blair moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1997 after a brief, yet impressive visit. Formerly a travel book editor in New York City, she wanted a different pace for herself and her family, one that would allow them all to thrive, grow, and experience life in real time rather than at warp speed.

However, slowing down didn't come naturally to this city girl. After a whirlwind few years of job changes, health issues, and two new children, Alison got the message. She started to slow down and look within, and discovered the therapeutic value of working with her hands and the gifts of nature to manage life's stressors. And so, in 2001, Alison Blair Studio was born.

Alison's artistic inspiration comes from Boulder's Flatiron Mountains and their ever-changing moods and colors. With a delicate ecosystem but stately presence, the mountains represent strength in simplicity and the power of nature's visual and physical rhythms. On a winter's morning, the mountains can look as gentle as a cloud; on a summer's sultry afternoon, a fiery force. With each movement of the sun, the mountains dance. Keeping these images in mind, Alison has created four collections to live by: Aspen Glow, Boulder Illusion, Durango Sun, and the Lotus Spa Collection, in addition to the expanded stretch ring designs.

All of Alison's designs use semi-precious stones and precious metals, as well as nature's own glorious colors and combinations. Alison wishes all wearers of her jewelry will live richly, love fully, and play heartily. Alison Blair Studio designs are made to live in.

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