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Care for a Street Animal in India

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Help a rescued cat, dog, monkey, or cow recover from life on the streets of India.

Despite some of the strictest animal welfare laws in the world, thanks to its ancient spiritual philosophy of ahimsa (non-harming), India teems with abandoned, neglected, and abused animals. Baby monkeys are taken from their mothers to be trained as street performers, then abandoned; cows and water buffalo are used for milk and labor, but turned loose or sent to slaughter once their useful life has passed. And the population of dogs and cats loose on the streets leads to the spread of animal diseases, such as rabies, which is endemic to India, and sometimes even to attacks on humans. Illegal pet shops, inhumane methods of transporting livestock, and illegal religious sacrifice of millions of animals all exist in India today.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More™ provides food, shelter, and medical care for a rescued street animal in India for an entire month. Please choose which animal you would like to help:

  • Cat: $15.00
  • Dog: $20.00
  • Monkey: $28.00
  • Cow / Bull / Water Buffalo: $35.00

Report from the Field

June 2016

VSPCA wrote in to share their gratitude through recent success stories:

There was this white dog who was very cruelly tied with a wire so deep that the face was swollen and unable to eat or drink, and was on the brink of exhaustion and imminent death before we found and rescued him. After almost 2 weeks he has fully recovered and ready to be adopted to a good home. Another recent case was a dog found with a 10 kg tumor who has spent many days sleeping on her back because she was unable to stand due to the weight of the tumor. After successful surgery the dog is free to walk and go into the community where the kind people have accepted to look after her.

Thanks to your generous donations, such critical cases which need much more specialized care and attention get the funding needed to save an animals life in India. As the development of the city is increasing fast we find more accidental cases are on the rise. With your help, we are motivated and fully inspired to move with confidence to make a big difference by rescuing and suitably rehabilitating all animals in need!

For more than a decade, the VSPCA (Visakha Society For Protection and Care of Animals) has been working in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh to aid suffering animals, prevent cruelty and neglect, protect wildlife, and educate about animal issues. VSPCA conducts extensive spay/neuter campaigns to curb dog and cat overpopulation, provides rescue and ambulance services, helps rescue animals after natural disasters such as the 2004 tsunami, and provides shelter to over a thousand animals in need, including (as of 2008) more than 600 cows and buffalo.

VSPCA provides employment for over 40 people from the surrounding villages, including many women working outside their homes for the first time. Its no-kill shelter compound is eco-friendly, transforming cattle dung into usable energy and making use of vermiculture and intelligent water storage techniques. VSPCA receives no grant funding for any of its wildlife projects, and relies on direct donations and support in order to continue its vital work.

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