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Feed and Care for a Rescued Horse

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Although the last horse slaughter plant in the United States has finally been shut down, many horses in America--both wild and domesticated--are still in peril. The Humane Society of United States and The Fund for Animals rescue horses around the country from harsh treatment by the BLM, cruel practices by pharmaceutical companies, and abusive situations, and gives them a new life at one of the Fund's sanctuaries for rescued animals.

Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ helps these magnificent horses live in peace and health.

  • Feed a Horse for 2 Weeks ($14.00). Provides approximately two weeks of fresh hay, salt, mineral supplements, and other nutrition as needed.
  • Food and Medical Care for 2 Weeks ($25.00). Provides food and proper veterinary care for a rescued horse for approximately two weeks.
  • Show your support ($1). Every dollar helps!

Reports from the Field

For years now, donations to this Gift That Gives More (TM) by caring individuals like you have been providing food and care for all the equines at The Fund for Animal's rescued horse sanctuaries. The horses--and their caregivers--thank you from the bottom of their huge hearts!

Sarah and Stoney — March 2012
The horse twins Sarah and Stoney beat the long odds of being born to a mare bred for PMU and survived. Twin foals rarely make it to adulthood. But Sarah and Stoney, along with younger sister Shadow, are now part of the herd at Duchess Sanctuary, where they spend their days playing, relaxing, and roaming the hills.

Itsuko's story — September 2011
Despite having won over $199,000 in races and giving birth to countless foals, Itsuko ended up abandoned and starving in holding pen after her last owner skipped town. Since her rescue, she gained 400 pounds, and, more importantly, her caretakers report her loving spirit has returned. Today, Itsuko is truly a winner, one of a lucky horses enjoying the pastures at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

"Pure Heaven For Horses" — September 2010
In 2010, the Duchess Sanctuary was reviewed and accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. "Duchess Sanctuary is more than 1,000 acres of pure heaven for horses," said Patty Finch, executive director of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. "We are impressed with the dedication to letting horses live the way nature intended, in large social groups with beautiful pastures and shelters. The level of knowledge and dedication of the professional staff is inspiring and sets a gold standard for others."

Nebraska horses — May 2009
Eighty-four neglected horses arrived safely at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch after being rescued from a Nebraska ranch. "Not long ago these majestic horses were struggling to survive, but they will be given all of the care they need to make a full recovery at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch," said Diane Miller, director of operations at the ranch. The horses taken to Black Beauty Ranch were mostly stallions and geldings that require special care and handling in large pastured areas designed to hold wild horses.

PMU horses — July 2008
More than 150 horses saved from the PMU (pregnant mares' urine) industry arrived at their new home at the Duchess Sanctuary in Oakland, Oregon. Many of the older mares spent six months of the year, for twenty years, attached to urine collection devices in stalls where they could not even turn around. These mares were kept continually pregnant so that their urine could provide the hormones desired for a popular drug brand. Collectively, these mares spent nearly 500 years on the PMU lines and delivered almost 1,000 foals. Today, the mares and their rescued foals are able to roam across hills and valleys, feel the wind and the sun, and enjoy the freedom that is their birthright. Plentiful food and proper veterinary care help ensure that their later years will be idyllic.

Cavel horses — 2007
Mariah and Sahara, a mother and daughter pair, along with twenty-eight other horses, were rescued after The Fund for Animals won a court ruling closing down Cavel International, the last operational horse slaughter plant in the United States. At their new home, Mariah and Sahara have found open pastures to roam, plenty of food to eat, and proper medical care. The Fund for Animals networked with other organizations around the country to find homes for the other rescued horses as well, ensuring they could live out the rest of their lives in safety and peace.

The Fund for Animals, one of the largest, most active and successful organizations working for the cause of animals, operates four direct care centers, including world-famous Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

The horses at Black Beauty Ranch and the Duchess Sanctuary enjoy plentiful hay, pastures in which to run and play, vaccinations and veterinary care, and even toys such as beach balls and water buckets for some of the more playful and friskier rescue foals.

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