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Protect Our Retired K-9 Heroes from Neglect

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Join us in demanding a future where no retired K-9 is left behind. Sign the petition to protect our four-legged heroes today!

The case of Kona, a retired K-9 officer, has brought to light an urgent need. After serving faithfully, Kona was left at a shelter, underweight and neglected, sparking outrage and a call for systemic change1.

Her story is not just about a single dog but about every service animal deserving a dignified retirement.

The Reality of Retirement

Kona began her service with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in 2021 and was retired by 20232. Less than five months after her retirement, she was abandoned at a local shelter. She was found underweight, suggesting neglect and a lack of care3. This oversight triggered an investigation into the care practices of retired K-9s by the LCSO.

Community Response

The public's reaction was immediate. Residents and former handlers expressed their dismay and concern over social media, questioning how a dedicated service animal could be so disregarded4. This has sparked a broader conversation on the treatment of all retired K-9 officers and the protocols that currently fail to protect them.

A New Beginning

Despite her rough start to retirement, Kona's story took a hopeful turn. Adopted by Kevin Schwartz from Charleston, she now enjoys a life filled with care and adventure1. Her new owner is committed to her well-being, integrating her into daily activities and even exploring further training options to keep her engaged and active.

Why This Matters

K-9 officers like Kona spend years aiding law enforcement in operations that save lives and maintain public safety. They deserve to retire with honor and care, not abandonment and neglect. The emotional and physical well-being of these animals must be a priority, reflecting our gratitude for their unwavering service.

Our Call to Action

It is time to ensure that no retired K-9 ever suffers from oversight or lack of care. We must advocate for:

  • Enforced retirement protocols that detail the care of retired K-9s.
  • Funding that supports their health and maintenance post-service.
  • Strong partnerships for rehabilitation and adoption, ensuring these heroes find loving homes.

Join Us

Sign the petition today to demand that the Liberty County Sheriff's Office and the State of Georgia implement these necessary changes. Let's honor every K-9 hero like Kona by giving them the retirement they deserve. Together, we can make a difference.

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The Petition:

To the Liberty County Sheriff's Office and the State of Georgia,

We, the undersigned, respectfully call upon the Liberty County Sheriff's Office and the State of Georgia to provide comprehensive resources and policies to ensure compassionate care for all retired K-9 officers.

These brave service animals risk their lives daily to protect our communities and uphold the law. Kona's recent abandonment at a shelter underscores an urgent need for clear protocols, oversight, and resources to prevent similar cases of neglect in the future.

We believe that all K-9s deserve a dignified retirement after their years of loyal service. To that end, we propose:

  1. Mandatory Retirement Protocols: Implement strict guidelines that hold handlers accountable for the care of retired K-9s, including mandatory health check-ups and clear tracking of their post-service welfare.

  2. Retirement Funds: Allocate a portion of K-9 training budgets towards retirement support, providing financial aid for veterinary care, food, and essential needs.

  3. Rehabilitation and Adoption Programs: Establish partnerships with local animal shelters and non-profits to develop rehabilitation and adoption initiatives that ensure these heroes find loving homes.

  4. Training and Awareness: Educate handlers on their responsibilities post-retirement and raise public awareness on the proper treatment of retired K-9s.

These measures will offer dignity, care, and security to the K-9s that serve us faithfully. They will also reinforce public trust in the agencies that utilize their skills and ensure a better future for all by upholding the highest standards of humanity and compassion.


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