Our Charitable Partners

At GreaterGood, we do our best to raise awareness of good causes and to connect people every day with simple ways to make the world a better place. It is our charitable partners who do the heavy lifting — the ones who use the funds that your daily clicks and your shopping raise to accomplish the mission.

Funding for all charitable projects and partners is distributed by Greater Good Charities. Since GreaterGood began in 1999, we have given more than $75 million to charities operating here and around the world.

Greater Good Charities

Greater Good Charities

Grants funded by The Hunger Site are paid by Greater Good Charities to charities and non-profit organizations implementing programs to alleviate hunger, poverty, and its root causes. Clicking and shopping on The Hunger Site helps support grants for the following charitable partners, among others:

Food Recovery Network


Food Recovery Network unites students on college campuses to fight food waste and hunger. Together, these inspiring students gather unsold surplus food from college campuses and donate it to hungry Americans.

Founded in 2011, FRN is the largest student movement fighting against food waste and hunger and has recovered and donated more than 3 million pounds of food that otherwise would have gone to waste. That's more than 2.5 million meals that have gone to those in need.

Millennium Promise


Founded in 2005 to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, Millennium Promise works with impoverished communities, national and local governments, and partner organizations to implement high-impact programs aimed at ending poverty around the world by 2030. Their flagship initiative, the Millennium Villages, now operate in multiple countries in sub-Saharan Africa. By combining the best scientific and local knowledge, Millennium Villages already are producing remarkable results in creating greater food security and opportunity for future economic growth. Millennium Promise also plays a leading role in mobilizing the private sector to find solutions to key problems that contribute to extreme poverty in Africa.

Partners in Health


The numbers are staggering - according to The World Health Organization, roughly two-thirds of child deaths are "preventable through practical, low-cost interventions." Those simple, affordable remedies include vaccinations, bednets to prevent mosquitoes from spreading deadly malaria, nutritious food, clean and disease-free drinking water, and treatments such as micronutrients (essential vitamins & minerals), oral rehydration therapy, and antibiotics.

Around the world, PIH mobile clinics, hospitals, and health workers strive to ensure that each and every child in the community receives adequate health care, education, and freedom from economic exploitation and other abuses. When a child falls ill, PIH uses all of the means at their disposal. They have led the way in private and public partnerships to fight cholera and other preventable diseases as well as providing long-term community-based healthcare solutions where they work.

Operation Sandwich

A sandwich seems so simple, but it's the perfect way to craft a nutritious, sustaining, portable, ready-to-eat meal. Sandwiches travel well to school or work, where prohibitive prices mean missed meals for those in need. And thanks to donors like you, they are being provided free for many of America's nearly 50 million food insecure.

Food banks were once thought to provide only for the homeless, or for those in the midst of a sudden emergency. But today, we know that in many cases, food banks are the only thing helping poor working families make ends meet. One fantastic food bank, Northwest Harvest, has teamed up with GreaterGood and The Hunger Site to fight hunger through Operation Sandwich. GreaterGood staff and local volunteers will prepare sandwiches for the homeless and working poor.

You can help this signature program with a simple donation: just $10 provides the materials for 25 sandwiches, put together by volunteers and given to the hungry. Click here to make a difference today.