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Food Recovery Network

A girl receiving food at a location assisted by FRN

In 2017, the Food Recovery Network received a $100,000 grant to fight both food waste and hunger. FRN is a national network of college students who prevent thousands of pounds of food from going to waste by taking fresh untouched leftovers from college campuses and sports facilities and distributing it to charities in their community serving people in need.

But what was the real impact on people?
502,580 meals were distributed across 44 states from 235 affiliate chapters. They looked like this.

The situation was snack time and the kids were eating apples we had recovered. Carnell said "I love the cookies you bring us. I want to eat my cookie first, but Ms. Gail (Teacher) said I need to eat my fruits and veggies to be strong". He then proceeded to "make a muscle" with arm and then eat his apple. He is 7. They aren't really aware of the recovery aspect of the food since they are too young to comprehend it. They just know cookies and different fruits mysteriously show up when we do.
- Jenn Campbell, University of Tampa and Cornerstone Kids, Inc.

Our food pantry serves a lot of walk in clientele from Norristown. Although we are open official on Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon, people stop in unannounced. A few hours after Tom (FRN volunteer) left the soup on Friday, I had a young man come to the door. I was able to give him a quart of beef soup. We always have bread available, and I gave him that too along with a few staples to tide him over the week-end. He was thrilled, and I was thrilled we had it to give! Without the fresh/frozen soup, it would have seemed meager fixin's.
- Liz Peteraf, Patrician Society Norristown

I remember the first time I came to get food from this pantry and saw the soup. I couldn't believe that something so good could come from a food pantry. From worrying all week to what I will have to eat in the weekend to being able to get a container of soup every Friday.
- Guest at Martha's Choice Cupboard (Cabrini University)

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Mae Tao Clinic

The Mae Tao Clinic exists on the border of Thailand and Burma, serving tens of thousands of Karen refugees who fled the violence of a conflict that has been called one of the world's longest civil wars. Services in this area, from food to medical care to education, are difficult to come by. But the Mae Tao Clinic has many programs to support people in need, including their Dry Foods Program.

K in a school helped by Mae Tao Clinic

How does a dry foods program help refugees?
Over 2,000 students are able to live in safety where they can access both food and an education. K (an alias) is one of them.

My name is K. I was born on 12th April 1997, in Than Daung Kyi Township, Karen State, Burma/Myanmar. I have five siblings and am the fourth among them. My dad passed away when I was a child. Since then only my mom has to work alone to support the whole family. My mom does not earn a lot from her work, so wages she earns could barely cover our daily meal but sometimes couldn't. My mom cannot afford to support all my siblings to go to school. Therefore, I was sent to the boarding house in order to go to school.

I have been living in the boarding house since 2010. I rarely have contact with my mom because our village is still underdeveloped and it is hard to reach and talk to her even on the landline. I sometimes hear about her through people from my resident area. All I can do here is to wish that she was doing fine.

I love to stay in the boarding house because I have free access to education, safe place to stay and enough food unlike back in my hometown. Moreover, I feel very secure and am warm-hearted to live with many friends in the boarding house, who are like my sisters, and boarding house staff are like my parents. I love and respect them. However, it will be the last year for me living in this house because I will finish my high school in this 2017-2018 academic years...

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say 'Thank You' to the generous donors who have helped and provided us education, safe place and food. You cannot imagine how important and priceless it is to study and live in a safe place. Your generous contributions have given me a chance to become an educated person and helped me to have a better life.

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