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Plant a Garden for Health in Rwanda

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Plant seeds of hope in Rwanda by supporting local organic gardens at the grassroots level!

Good nutrition is not a luxury -- it is a necessity, especially for people whose bodies are under siege from HIV/AIDS. While much progress has been made on anti-retroviral drugs, expensive courses of ARV medications lose their effectiveness when the patients are malnourished. What works is an integrated approach that nourishes people's bodies in tandem with attacking their disease, fostering reduced symptoms and a longer, healthier life.

The nonprofit Gardens for Health represents a sustainable alternative to food aid packages in Rwanda, which can bring immediate results but foster long-term dependency and offer little incentive for self-sufficiency. Gardens for Health aims to improve the health and socioeconomic status of Rwandans living with HIV/AIDS by equipping them with a different kind of package -- local-, community-, and household-level gardens of nutritious fruits and vegetables, plus the tools and training to grow their gardens into moneymaking enterprises that enrich the whole community.

Just $15 funds a home Garden for Health to serve a family of five. A home Garden for Health consists of an avocado tree seedling, a papaya tree seedling, a moringa tree seedling, and vegetable seeds -- carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, amaranth, spinach, and red onions. It also includes four growing sacks -- a type of container garden that allows the growing vegetables to be lifted and transported to a different location. The seed amounts should last through the first year of three growing seasons, and with seed saving, which Gardens for Health teaches, a lot of the seeds can be saved for the future.

This Gift That Gives More™ plants a Garden for Health for a family in Rwanda, giving them the seeds of a more nourishing life.

Established in 2006, Gardens for Health was founded on the belief that a comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment plan requires access to adequate, nutritious food. Gardens for Health supports Rwandans living with HIV/AIDS to establish cooperative gardens and other agricultural initiatives throughout the country.

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