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Goal: 10,000 Progress: 4,964
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We all know war is destructive, that it can leave nations and people alike crippled for years to come, both physically and metaphorically. But the unrest associated with war can also have unseen implications.

Sexual violence is often a product of war that is obscured by war's more publicized aspects. For example, in the Congo, women and girls are being raped and tortured while the country experiences civil war. And women in feuding Burma are constantly frightened for their lives because the Burmese army systematically rapes them as punishment for insurgents' actions.

This grisly, underbelly of war is devastating not only to women but to entire nations. The United Nations' fund dedicated to Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict is working to end the use of sex as a weapon in times of conflict, and war. Often, though, its critical mission is not made a priority while planning an international response to unrest.

The women of the world need to make sure that leaders know that we will not stand for being victims of sexual violence. Write to the UN demanding that the protection of women during times of unrest be made a priority and a key element to every UN-sponsored mission."

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Dear UN representatives:

We must stop the cycle of sexual violence that war inevitably produces. All around the world where nations are experiencing civil unrest, women are being raped and assaulted.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, where a civil war continues to ravage the nation, girls as young as infants are raped. In Darfur, armed men rape women in front of their whole families. In Burma, women have been raped and burned alive.

Extreme sexual violence is a product of war that must be dealt with immediately. Innocent women and girls' lives are being destroyed as the wartime strife continues.

Please make sure you are addressing the needs of our women worldwide who are at risk of sexual violence in their countries.

Thank you for your consideration.

Petition Signatures

Sep 19, 2014 susan thrift
Sep 19, 2014 kanika mehra
Sep 19, 2014 Uma Chernoff
Sep 19, 2014 Marco Simioni
Sep 18, 2014 Theresa Leach Please protect these women and children. My heart goes out to them. .
Sep 17, 2014 Miranda Honey
Sep 17, 2014 Nicole Pans
Sep 17, 2014 Monique TONET
Sep 17, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 16, 2014 Susan Jenkins
Sep 16, 2014 Elizabeth Tilghman
Sep 16, 2014 Patricia Antonelli
Sep 16, 2014 Deborah Fontana
Sep 16, 2014 Stéphanie Collin
Sep 16, 2014 Mal Scott
Sep 15, 2014 Gail Runnels
Sep 14, 2014 Kim Ong
Sep 13, 2014 Kathy Aprile
Sep 12, 2014 Dana Myers
Sep 12, 2014 Alena Dobrovolna
Sep 11, 2014 kaitlin kennedy
Sep 11, 2014 Olga Titova
Sep 10, 2014 janice mcshane
Sep 10, 2014 Kimberly Bouchard-Shapiro
Sep 10, 2014 Judithc Carlson
Sep 9, 2014 Frieda Robinson
Sep 9, 2014 Angela Clark
Sep 9, 2014 Amy Nash
Sep 9, 2014 Stan Baker
Sep 9, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 9, 2014 Choky Alvarez
Sep 9, 2014 Mariana Fuzaro
Sep 8, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 8, 2014 debbie mason UN what good are you ??? What is the point to you??
Sep 7, 2014 Charles Coe
Sep 6, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 6, 2014 Maria Simao
Sep 6, 2014 Robert Rolloff
Sep 5, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Sep 4, 2014 Jennifer Wellington
Sep 4, 2014 Kimberly Myhre
Sep 4, 2014 julie wylie stop sexual violence
Sep 4, 2014 Jane McInally
Sep 4, 2014 Patricia Sullivan
Sep 4, 2014 C E Krause
Sep 4, 2014 Meagan Frame
Sep 4, 2014 maureen oshea
Sep 4, 2014 Roxanne Sutherland
Sep 4, 2014 Bryna Schreier
Sep 4, 2014 Angela Palczynski

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