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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 17,932
Sponsored by: U.S. Fund for UNICEF

The children of Syria can't afford another year of suffering.

More than 5 million Syrian children have been affected by the three-year conflict, including more than 1 million refugees. These children are suffering without schools to go to, without a sense of physical safety and emotional protection, and without a chance to thrive. An entire generation is at risk of losing its future, with severe long-term consequences for Syria and the region.

We must stop the suffering now. Together with partners all over the globe, UNICEF is asking 1.2 million people to stand up for the children of Syria. One voice for each of the 1.2 million child refugees torn from their homes by this brutal war. Will you be their champion?

By signing this pledge, you will support a five-point plan to help build a better future for Syria's children.

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To: World Leaders

For three years, too many innocent people in Syria have suffered above all the #childrenofsyria. They have seen homes, schools and hospitals destroyed. They have borne the brunt of indiscriminate violence and witnessed unspeakable abuse. Millions have been forced to flee, while millions more are trapped inside Syria in horrific conditions.

The #childrenofsyria cannot afford another year of suffering.

The #childrenofsyria cannot afford another year without physical and emotional protection.

The #childrenofsyria cannot afford another year without the chance to learn and thrive.

To those who can end the horror and bloodshed for the #childrenofsyria and who can prevent the loss of this generation, I call for:

1) An end to the violence against the #childrenofsyria. All those involved in the fighting must fully respect humanitarian law, end the recruitment of children, and commit to a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

2) An end to blocking of humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian organizations must be allowed to safely reach all those who are suffering.

3) An end to attacks on humanitarian workers and facilities especially schools and hospitals.

4) A renewed commitment to reconciliation and tolerance led by all communities affected by the conflict, involving children and young people.

5) More investment in the education and psychological protection of all children affected by the conflict. Children need help to recover from the traumas they have faced and acquire the skills they will need to help rebuild their country and strengthen the stability of the region.

I am a Champion for the #childrenofsyria.

Petition Signatures

Sep 23, 2016 judith hombravella
Sep 21, 2016 André Henrique Bacci
Sep 20, 2016 Susan Lindsey
Sep 20, 2016 Virginia Dempsey
Sep 18, 2016 Keith D'Alessandro
Sep 18, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Sep 18, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Sep 17, 2016 sarah makins
Sep 17, 2016 nina jacob
Sep 16, 2016 Livelovelifeeleni Positivity&Motivation BE KINDTO EVERYONE.! be kind to everyone and do good always letssign this for more positivity love kindness and change!':D WOO!
Sep 16, 2016 cindy stein
Sep 15, 2016 Lauren Clayton
Sep 15, 2016 Gloriana Roig
Sep 15, 2016 Lynne Pateman
Sep 13, 2016 Freya Harris
Sep 13, 2016 Kim Holec
Sep 12, 2016 Nina Domergue
Sep 12, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Sep 11, 2016 Jieun Bak
Sep 11, 2016 Yvette Medina
Sep 10, 2016 Shawna Candler
Sep 9, 2016 Jan White
Sep 9, 2016 Gabriel Santamaria
Sep 8, 2016 Beverly Leath
Sep 6, 2016 Kirsten Schelbert
Sep 6, 2016 Donna Harrison
Sep 6, 2016 Janet Israel
Sep 6, 2016 Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger
Sep 6, 2016 Sam McLeod
Sep 6, 2016 nancy horner
Sep 4, 2016 R Belkin
Sep 4, 2016 Roxanne Pranger
Sep 4, 2016 Andra Cioclei
Sep 4, 2016 Vlado Gasperov
Sep 3, 2016 mike lyons
Sep 3, 2016 Abigail Pulford
Sep 3, 2016 Carol Rabinovitch
Sep 2, 2016 Michael D. Nesel
Sep 2, 2016 (Name not displayed)
Sep 2, 2016 ren .l.
Sep 2, 2016 Mary Brickley
Sep 2, 2016 Liz Cook
Sep 1, 2016 Ken Stein
Sep 1, 2016 Sharon Sutton
Aug 31, 2016 Vivian Le
Aug 31, 2016 M Whitier
Aug 31, 2016 Eusebio vestias
Aug 31, 2016 kristine Brovold
Aug 31, 2016 Cristina Río López
Aug 31, 2016 Dr. Maurice Luker Let's be humane about these fellow humans!

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