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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 21,705
Sponsored by: StudentsFirst

During a speech, President Obama said, "Education is an investment that we need to win the future."

He's right. In order to invest in our kids' futures, we need to invest in teachers now.

The most important school-based factor in a child's education is teacher quality, and America's teachers are grossly underpaid. StudentsFirst is working to elevate the teaching profession by advocating teachers be rewarded for excellence. Those who show they can move kids along academically should be compensated accordingly.

Our great teachers are the ones who help shape our kids' lives, the ones who give them tools to succeed. Teachers help pave the way for children to become scientists, engineers, world leaders. Their impact on a child's life can't be underestimated.

As President Obama says, an investment in education is an investment in our future. Sign the pledge in support of paying America's effective teachers what they deserve.

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Petition Signatures

Sep 1, 2014 Dianne Parker Teachers work hard! Pay them what they are worth!
Aug 31, 2014 Natisha Reed
Aug 31, 2014 Kristin Hayes Teachers are the Future for our childern..why not pay them what thier worth?
Aug 31, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 30, 2014 Sourabh Devani
Aug 30, 2014 Pam Miller
Aug 30, 2014 Aadibasi Khambu
Aug 29, 2014 SJ Ingram I am a teacher and stuck in a pay grade. I work 7.5 hours and get no breaks including my lunch that I have to monitor the students as part of my duties.
Aug 29, 2014 Eileen King
Aug 29, 2014 Lorna Davies
Aug 28, 2014 Gail Plaskiewicz
Aug 28, 2014 Patt Williams
Aug 28, 2014 Josilene Nascimento
Aug 28, 2014 Patricia Vance I work at a school in Tucson, AZ. We have the most amazing teachers who deserve to paid way more than they are for all that they do. However, the rest of us need better pay also. Our Legislature doesn't want to pay for public education.
Aug 28, 2014 elizabeth cano
Aug 28, 2014 Rungruedee Nualchawee
Aug 28, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 28, 2014 Kelsey Miller
Aug 28, 2014 Lau Sanz
Aug 28, 2014 Lisa Flores
Aug 28, 2014 bernadette cuellar
Aug 28, 2014 Isabel Costa
Aug 28, 2014 Sabrina Simington
Aug 28, 2014 karen williams
Aug 28, 2014 H Preece
Aug 28, 2014 Karen Scrivner
Aug 28, 2014 Kimberly Bouchard-Shapiro
Aug 28, 2014 Elaine McConaghie
Aug 28, 2014 Arnold Buratty
Aug 28, 2014 Gustavo Gomes
Aug 28, 2014 William Woodham
Aug 28, 2014 Donna Barnes
Aug 27, 2014 carly garcia
Aug 27, 2014 Bojana Bohinjac
Aug 25, 2014 Jo Johnson
Aug 25, 2014 Cassandra D'Alessio
Aug 25, 2014 Cassandra D'Alessio
Aug 23, 2014 Randee Schwartz-Locke Why shouldn't outstanding teachers make when our Congress is making - & let Congress get what teachers are making today.
Aug 22, 2014 Chelsea Rivera
Aug 22, 2014 Esther García de Diego
Aug 21, 2014 Tammy Goodwin-Hanks
Aug 20, 2014 Erin Peffley My teachers formed my life. As time went on, many of them could not afford to continue to teach, and left the profession, taking their knowledge, skill, and talent with them. This country needs to make teaching an honored, well-paid career.
Aug 20, 2014 Patricia Chandler Teachers have an awesome responsibility and children are our most precious commodity. DO THE RIGHT THING !
Aug 19, 2014 Luxcika Krishnapillai
Aug 19, 2014 cynthia sloan
Aug 19, 2014 Dina Scalia
Aug 19, 2014 Caroline Broughton
Aug 18, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Aug 18, 2014 celina rodrigues

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