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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 9,231
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While here in America we have excellent medical care when it comes to childbirth, women in third-world countries such as Afghanistan often don't have access to maternal care of any kind. Pregnancy can bring on complications that these women aren't properly prepared to address due to the lack of prenatal healthcare.

Providing Afghan women with midwife training and education could mean the preservation of more lives— both mothers and children. Sign the petition below asking Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, to lend her support to empowering Afghan women with the medical training that could save lives.

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Dear Director-General Margaret Chan,

Pregnancy and childbirth are supposed to be the most joyful and rewarding experiences of a woman's life, yet countless women in Afghanistan face just the opposite type of situation during pregnancy. Because of the poor health conditions in the region, women suffer horribly when it comes to prenatal care.

We can help Afghan women sustain peaceful pregnancies and bear healthy children by providing willing citizens with midwife medical training. By empowering women with the skills and knowledge to care for others during pregnancy, we can reduce the need for doctors whose services are needed elsewhere while still providing pregnant women with quality treatment. In doing this we can also ensure that less women will experience complications and death during childbirth.

Please work toward educating Afghan women in midwife care so that more of them have the chance to survive and prosper during and after childbirth.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Aug 8, 2018 Kathryn Summerfield
Aug 6, 2018 Mary Sier
Aug 4, 2018 Carmen Rodriguez
Aug 3, 2018 Margery Hughes
Aug 1, 2018 Christine Wood
Jul 30, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 29, 2018 Kristen Bossert
Jul 29, 2018 Joan Hutton
Jul 26, 2018 John and Rose Martin
Jul 23, 2018 Rama Bharadwaj
Jul 21, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 19, 2018 Janet Liss
Jul 16, 2018 Megan Gabrielle Rey
Jul 16, 2018 Lisa Delabre
Jul 15, 2018 Diane Wilson
Jul 14, 2018 Vikki Hallen
Jul 14, 2018 Kandis Powell
Jul 13, 2018 Aly Simons
Jul 12, 2018 Shabnam Shafiq
Jul 9, 2018 Christopher Clark
Jul 8, 2018 Carol Painter
Jul 6, 2018 Tara Spires
Jul 6, 2018 Helena Moore
Jul 3, 2018 Mariah Oyondi
Jun 30, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jun 30, 2018 Diane Puso
Jun 28, 2018 Lynne Buckley
Jun 27, 2018 Terri Robb
Jun 27, 2018 Stacy Ping
Jun 23, 2018 Leora Yaffi
Jun 22, 2018 krisitne brovold
Jun 19, 2018 Helle Mikkelsen
Jun 18, 2018 Shelby Fry
Jun 18, 2018 TRACY SCHALK
Jun 13, 2018 Jean McDermott
Jun 7, 2018 Val Laurent
Jun 7, 2018 Linda Millemaci
Jun 7, 2018 Madalina Viziteu
Jun 7, 2018 Armida Franceschini
Jun 5, 2018 Alicia Orr
Jun 4, 2018 Madeleine Norris
Jun 1, 2018 Vincenzo Taffoni
Jun 1, 2018 Dolores Wiens
May 30, 2018 Remy Nadia
May 29, 2018 Haroldo Widmann
May 27, 2018 Bob Thorne
May 25, 2018 Elaine Cheney
May 23, 2018 Howard Olanier
May 23, 2018 Howard Olanier

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