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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 12,882
Sponsored by: The Child Health Site

It's hard to believe that something as simple as a mosquito bite has caused the death of millions of people. Yet, each year, millions of people—especially those living in sub-Saharan Africa—contract malaria, the aggressive parasitic disease transmitted to people by infected mosquitoes. The World Health Organization reports that a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. It's a shocking statistic, especially when taken into account malaria is treatable. Unfortunately, half the world's population is at risk of contracting the disease, and far too many of them are killed by it yearly.

Steps have been made to battle the spread of the disease in those parts of the world where it is most prevalent. Aid groups distribute insecticidal nets to keep mosquitoes away from people at night and even fumigate people's homes. These efforts have no doubt alleviated the issue in some ways, but they ultimately don't address the root of the problem, nor do they protect the citizens of these countries once they step outside their homes.

If researchers are to succeed in stopping the spread of malaria, they need the support of health organizations and the governments of the world.

Tell President Obama to lend more support to the cause of preventing, treating, and curing malaria—a goal that, if realized, would save the lives of millions.

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Dear President Obama,

Malaria infections cause thousands of deaths a year, many of them young children in Africa whose immune systems were not well-equipped to handle aggressive infections. Since 2006, the number of deaths has dropped thanks to the immense efforts of aid and health organizations.

However, millions of people are still affected by this disease each year, which means the efforts toward eradicating it must only intensify.

Please increase your efforts to bring the scourge of malaria in the developing world to an end. Give everyone at risk the chance not only to survive, but also to thrive, free of the fear their lives may be cut short by something as tiny as a mosquito bite.


Petition Signatures

Jan 27, 2015 Carola Roy
Jan 26, 2015 Catherine Rauscher
Jan 26, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 26, 2015 Veronica Fernandez
Jan 24, 2015 Elena Karpova
Jan 22, 2015 Emma OHara Everyone should be immunized.
Jan 21, 2015 Nadia Mousa
Jan 20, 2015 victoria Wirth
Jan 20, 2015 Melodie Meissner
Jan 19, 2015 emilio leone
Jan 19, 2015 Mark Aziz
Jan 19, 2015 Kim Sellon
Jan 19, 2015 Lyudmyla Andrukhova
Jan 18, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 18, 2015 Jeff Coen
Jan 18, 2015 Rod Sutton
Jan 18, 2015 Cassandra D'Alessio
Jan 18, 2015 Camile Dionne-West
Jan 17, 2015 Rebecca Holzer
Jan 16, 2015 Christina Huys
Jan 16, 2015 Kerry Cheriton
Jan 16, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 15, 2015 Sarah Dyson
Jan 15, 2015 Cristina Alexandre
Jan 15, 2015 Don Salsburg
Jan 15, 2015 raphael balboni
Jan 15, 2015 Gail Cartwright
Jan 14, 2015 Magdalini Tsi.
Jan 14, 2015 Patti Campanelli
Jan 14, 2015 Veronica Falcon-Gomez
Jan 14, 2015 debra espinoza
Jan 14, 2015 Janet Amann
Jan 14, 2015 Laura García
Jan 13, 2015 Heidi Sundquist
Jan 13, 2015 robert saunders
Jan 13, 2015 G. G. Johnson
Jan 13, 2015 Joanne Rodriguez
Jan 13, 2015 Dylan McDowell
Jan 13, 2015 L.J. Robinson
Jan 13, 2015 Larry Branson
Jan 13, 2015 emily rosado children should have a healthy pursuit in life, children are the future generations and should not have to suffer from any disease.
Jan 12, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 12, 2015 r Heffley
Jan 11, 2015 Nathan Kozakiewicz
Jan 11, 2015 Iris Smith
Jan 11, 2015 Susan Farro
Jan 11, 2015 Dawn Bowers
Jan 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Jan 11, 2015 Linda Lee
Jan 10, 2015 Dacia Dyer

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