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Everyone has a right to know about the food they eat and feed their families, but under current FDA regulations, U.S. citizens are denied that right when it comes to genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The number and variety of GMO foods reaching grocery shelves is accelerating without proper regulation or human health testing, and most disconcertingly, without comprehensive labeling. The safety of GMOs for human consumption has not been adequately examined. Studies by the National Academy of Sciences have shown that genetically engineered plants have real potential to introduce new allergens and toxins into our food supply.

Sixty-four other countries have labeling requirements in place to enable consumers to make informed, healthy decisions about their food selection, including fifteen European countries, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

Tell the FDA it’s time for the United States to join the rest of the modern world and mandate clear labeling of all foods containing GMOs.

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Dear Dr. Margaret Ann Hamburg:

As the current commissioner of the Federal Food and Drug Administration, you are in a unique position to make healthy history. The failure of the U.S. to join the rest of the world in labeling GMOs is shameful and ultimately unjust.

There have been no complete epidemiological studies on the possible impact of GMOs, but there is research that suggests unsettling developments, such as insecticides for genetically modified corn showing up in human bloodstreams. There is also reason to believe that GMOs have had a role in the increase in childhood allergies.

As evidence mounts about the dangers of genetically modified foods, consumer outrage has grown proportionately. Until we know without a doubt that GE crops are safe to eat, we should have a choice about whether we want to eat them. Please pass regulations to clearly label all foods containing GMOs.

Petition Signatures

Apr 19, 2015 Dana ODonnell
Apr 18, 2015 chenie kaur
Apr 18, 2015 Axa Tolonen
Apr 17, 2015 Flora Kagan
Apr 16, 2015 Leticia Acevedo
Apr 16, 2015 Carla Winger
Apr 16, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2015 Angela Adkins Morris
Apr 14, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 14, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 14, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 13, 2015 Penny Larason When gov officials allow chemicals they won't feed their families into our food something is wrong! We have the right to know what food is poisoned so we do not feed it to our kids!
Apr 13, 2015 Megan Kile As a consumer, it is my human right to know exactly what is being put into any food product I ingest, and this includes EVERYTHING done to any food along the entire supply chain. Anything other than that violates this right. Thank you.
Apr 12, 2015 Yvonne Davis
Apr 12, 2015 Margaret Krous
Apr 12, 2015 Nicole Wallace The consumers deserve to know what is in a product. Why should GMOs be exempt from labels? Why do they get special treatment? They shouldn't. So, please add my petition to the pile with the others who feel the same way! Thanks! ~ Nicole M. Wallace
Apr 12, 2015 sailesh Kancherla
Apr 12, 2015 Michele Corrigan
Apr 12, 2015 Christine Camara
Apr 12, 2015 Ramona Magana
Apr 12, 2015 Susan Schneider
Apr 12, 2015 (Name not displayed) I sUp port full disclosure of GMOS!
Apr 12, 2015 Grynet Israelsson
Apr 12, 2015 Cheryl Hugel
Apr 12, 2015 Ruth DeVors Things that don't look, taste, or feel real aren't real. Our bodies know this, and so we get sick from inorganic substances being consumed. like a virus we attack it internally and inflammation is everywhere. Label this shit, then destroy it.
Apr 12, 2015 Rosemary Montoya
Apr 12, 2015 Bryon Schmear
Apr 12, 2015 snna eder it is important for diabetics to know.
Apr 12, 2015 Peggy Murdock Without such labeling, we will never know what we are consuming. Increasing pesticides in food may result in higher incidences of cancer which is already 50% among residents of the U.S. For many allergy sufferers this can be a matter of life or death.
Apr 12, 2015 (Name not displayed) I deserve to know what is in my food! A right that all Americans have is the freedom to choose. Why can't we see how our food is made and what goes into it? Money and greed!! We all deserve a choice--please label GMO ingredients on food packaging!
Apr 12, 2015 Keri Brown
Apr 12, 2015 Debbie Wasserman
Apr 12, 2015 rebecca anding
Apr 12, 2015 (Name not displayed) This GMO is $ pool for greedy people...
Apr 12, 2015 Katie Kothenbeutel
Apr 12, 2015 (Name not displayed) Please label all GMO foods!
Apr 12, 2015 Shannon mulwane
Apr 12, 2015 joanne cnningham you are destroying the gifts the Creator gave us
Apr 12, 2015 Claudia Wood
Apr 12, 2015 Jackie Reville
Apr 12, 2015 wilma van der spek
Apr 12, 2015 Kristina Anderson I have the right to know what is in my food, and to choose what I wish to put into my body!!!
Apr 11, 2015 Tara Sweeney
Apr 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 11, 2015 Cynthia Cabell
Apr 11, 2015 lyn kirby We have a right to know what is in our food!
Apr 11, 2015 cj dittman
Apr 11, 2015 yvonne lindsay
Apr 11, 2015 Alysha Snow

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