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Goal: 40,000 Progress: 32,826
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When supermarkets and eateries find themselves with extra food that can't be sold, they usually just toss it into the dumpster out back. With world hunger at an all-time high, the food industry should be more mindful of their waste and donate their usable food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other non-profits that help feed the hungry.

Every year, up to 15 billion pounds of food go to waste. But this exorbitant amount of leftover food could mean many less hungry days for hundreds of thousands of people.

Sign the petition asking the Chairman of the Food Industry Association, to create incentives for America's food service providers to donate their extra food to the 30 million Americans who go hungry every day.

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Dear Chairman,

With hunger in the world today at an all-time high, I find it appalling that restaurants and supermarkets are responsible for up to 15 billion pounds of untouched food products per year. A significant portion of this food is still usable and fit to be consumed, yet it finds its way into dumpsters instead of hungry mouths.

The excess that the food industry wastes every year could very well be put toward feeding those in need. I am saddened to hear that perfectly nutritious food is simply dumped into garbage cans when it could be used to feed people who have to constantly worry about where their next meal will come from. This is especially disheartening when you consider all of the children who are suffering from hunger.

I am writing to ask that, as Chairman of the Food Industry Association, you create incentives for these food service providers to donate their excess food to homeless shelters and soup kitchens. These organizations always welcome donations, and could stand to benefit greatly if restaurants and markets gave even just a small amount of their leftover food.

Please use your influence to help eliminate America's hunger problem. Small steps can mean huge accomplishments.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Aug 30, 2015 Roxanne Asel
Aug 30, 2015 (Name not displayed) This is a basic no brainer. Throwing away good food should not be an option. These programs should have been in place decades ago!
Aug 29, 2015 MECA White
Aug 27, 2015 (Name not displayed) Yup, definitely signing this. It is terrible to see people throw so much food away, every day.
Aug 26, 2015 Donna Daniels-Hall
Aug 26, 2015 (Name not displayed) I am one of the people that cannot afford to feed my grand children whom I have custody of and throwing away perfectly good food while kids go hungry is inhumane. Please put a stop to this practice!
Aug 26, 2015 Phyllis Dupret
Aug 25, 2015 Stephanie Davis
Aug 24, 2015 Marta,Betty,David,Fernando,Joel Anguiano-Volsansky
Aug 24, 2015 Kat Bell
Aug 22, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 22, 2015 Dawn Richards
Aug 22, 2015 Sharman von Dallwitz Put food in peoples bellies NOT trash it! In 2015 there is no need for hunger. This is a shameful waste.
Aug 21, 2015 Neville Bruce
Aug 21, 2015 Barb lillie
Aug 20, 2015 Jean du Ross
Aug 20, 2015 Bianca deLeon
Aug 20, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 20, 2015 naomi gillespie
Aug 20, 2015 Jody Lewis-Zajac
Aug 20, 2015 Theodore Micceri Everyone looks at Americans as Wasteful people, and given so many hungry people in this country, wasting so much food is unethical, immoral and obscene. Please help stop waste and use this food to feed those in need.
Aug 20, 2015 Rhoda Slanger
Aug 20, 2015 Angela watson
Aug 20, 2015 Anne Raymond
Aug 18, 2015 Rafael Reyna
Aug 18, 2015 Cristina da Cruz
Aug 17, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 16, 2015 Mary Ann Peterschick Please, let's feed our hungry & stop the waste!
Aug 15, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 15, 2015 Mary Anderson
Aug 15, 2015 lorraine wilson
Aug 15, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Aug 15, 2015 Michele Thyne This appalling callousness needs to stop. Please do whatever it takes to make it so. American children, adults and seniors go hungry in the millions every single day, a crime in itself in the richest country in the world, but then to throw food away???
Aug 14, 2015 Chris Batty
Aug 12, 2015 Dorothy Toombs
Aug 11, 2015 wendie jara
Aug 11, 2015 Linda Lambert
Aug 11, 2015 Jennifer Hartsell
Aug 10, 2015 Sarah Anselme
Aug 10, 2015 Anna Shapovalova
Aug 10, 2015 Irene Roos
Aug 10, 2015 Esther Wolk
Aug 10, 2015 Tracy Butler
Aug 10, 2015 Belinda Davis
Aug 10, 2015 Laurie Fisher
Aug 10, 2015 James Moore
Aug 10, 2015 Carol Krause
Aug 10, 2015 June Bostock
Aug 10, 2015 Reyna Button
Aug 10, 2015 Nathan Whorton

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