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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 13,731
Sponsored by: The Child Health Site

Tens of thousands of kids die every day from otherwise preventable sicknesses like diarrhea, e. coli, and cholera — diseases that are spurred on or exacerbated by consuming unclean water.

Families in third-world countries who are affected by these diseases can spend the majority of their incomes on treatment for the sick family member. With already-limited resources, this can put a family into financial ruin.

Clean water is possible for everyone. Write to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asking him to dedicate more funding and resources toward providing the world and its children with clean, safe drinking water.

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Dear Secretary Ban Ki-moon:

Tens of thousands of children die each day as a result of sicknesses like diarrhea, cholera, and e. coli.

Aside from the shocking number, perhaps most disturbing about this is that these diseases are caused by drinking unclean, untreated water — and they're 100% preventable.

Just as dirty water is the culprit behind these diseases, clean water is the answer to preventing them. No child should have to die because of a simple case of diarrhea.

If we provided everyone with clean water, families around the world would be able to live more productive, successful lives. No more would they have to spend their entire savings on treating other family members who contract these preventable diseases.

Please dedicate a stronger effort toward providing everyone in the world with safe, clean drinking water.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Apr 18, 2015 Fiona Laveau
Apr 18, 2015 Lynda Haydney
Apr 18, 2015 James Pellizzeri
Apr 17, 2015 Robert Payne
Apr 17, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 17, 2015 Toreka Pulou
Apr 17, 2015 Karen Wade
Apr 17, 2015 Adina Higdon
Apr 17, 2015 Laura White
Apr 17, 2015 (Name not displayed) Everyone does deserve clean water. Please work towards achieving this goal.
Apr 17, 2015 Linda Enedy
Apr 17, 2015 Candace Collins
Apr 17, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 17, 2015 bev Edelstein
Apr 17, 2015 Bev Golding
Apr 17, 2015 Carol Ellis
Apr 17, 2015 yvonne brown
Apr 17, 2015 Cammy Mackenzie Without clean water we die....
Apr 17, 2015 beatrix Til
Apr 17, 2015 T. Nwisu
Apr 16, 2015 Angela Olson
Apr 16, 2015 kendea adams
Apr 16, 2015 barbara minick
Apr 16, 2015 Helen Cradock
Apr 16, 2015 Cynthia Tarpein
Apr 16, 2015 Kristen Cranston
Apr 16, 2015 karina belkin
Apr 16, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2015 Cyn Yost Clean water please
Apr 16, 2015 Anne Brickler
Apr 16, 2015 susan reed
Apr 16, 2015 Briah Jardin
Apr 16, 2015 Carla Callahan
Apr 16, 2015 anni c Everyone deserves clean water.
Apr 16, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2015 Lesli Kimbro
Apr 16, 2015 Kerrin Sweet
Apr 16, 2015 Teresa Matlock
Apr 16, 2015 Regina Musolf
Apr 16, 2015 Debra Albers
Apr 16, 2015 Nancy Shumway
Apr 16, 2015 Nancy Brown
Apr 16, 2015 Christine Obrien
Apr 16, 2015 Sue Leach
Apr 16, 2015 Angela LaRochelle
Apr 16, 2015 Sherry Smith This is so horrible and sad I can't believe that in the year 2015 there is still this problem!!!
Apr 16, 2015 Alexis LaMere
Apr 16, 2015 Pete Crane
Apr 16, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Apr 16, 2015 Milica Ravilic

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