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Goal: 20,000 Progress: 13,664
Sponsored by: The Child Health Site

Tens of thousands of kids die every day from otherwise preventable sicknesses like diarrhea, e. coli, and cholera — diseases that are spurred on or exacerbated by consuming unclean water.

Families in third-world countries who are affected by these diseases can spend the majority of their incomes on treatment for the sick family member. With already-limited resources, this can put a family into financial ruin.

Clean water is possible for everyone. Write to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asking him to dedicate more funding and resources toward providing the world and its children with clean, safe drinking water.

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Dear Secretary Ban Ki-moon:

Tens of thousands of children die each day as a result of sicknesses like diarrhea, cholera, and e. coli.

Aside from the shocking number, perhaps most disturbing about this is that these diseases are caused by drinking unclean, untreated water — and they're 100% preventable.

Just as dirty water is the culprit behind these diseases, clean water is the answer to preventing them. No child should have to die because of a simple case of diarrhea.

If we provided everyone with clean water, families around the world would be able to live more productive, successful lives. No more would they have to spend their entire savings on treating other family members who contract these preventable diseases.

Please dedicate a stronger effort toward providing everyone in the world with safe, clean drinking water.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Mar 27, 2015 Kelly Inviere
Mar 23, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 22, 2015 Eileen King
Mar 20, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 19, 2015 Carol Guffey
Mar 19, 2015 Heather Bough
Mar 17, 2015 PAMELA ROSLIN G
Mar 16, 2015 Ashley Tate
Mar 16, 2015 Meredith Bennett
Mar 15, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 13, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 11, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Mar 10, 2015 Rebecca N-F
Mar 10, 2015 Nancy Soke
Mar 10, 2015 Cristina Alexandre
Mar 9, 2015 guglielmo lanzilli
Mar 8, 2015 Denis Cole
Mar 6, 2015 C de Leon
Mar 6, 2015 Joanna Gorniak
Mar 5, 2015 gurbeen bhasin
Mar 4, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 28, 2015 N. Katayama
Feb 26, 2015 donna martinez
Feb 24, 2015 Samuel goodwinwalton
Feb 23, 2015 August Eriksen
Feb 22, 2015 Elise Lobdell Clean water should be a basic human right.
Feb 21, 2015 joann izumi
Feb 21, 2015 Crystal Kimmel
Feb 21, 2015 Manuel Davila Rodriguez
Feb 20, 2015 Rosa Camacho
Feb 19, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 19, 2015 mary wheeler,
Feb 19, 2015 (Name not displayed) Everyone deserves clean water n we need water to live!
Feb 18, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 18, 2015 Cindy Jefferys
Feb 18, 2015 Jennifer Rusak
Feb 17, 2015 (Name not displayed)
Feb 17, 2015 Camille Jones
Feb 15, 2015 Carola Roy
Feb 14, 2015 jan elford
Feb 13, 2015 Gouri Annand
Feb 11, 2015 Anne Winter
Feb 11, 2015 naoto shirogane
Feb 11, 2015 Mandy Kühn
Feb 10, 2015 Linda McEachron-Taylor
Feb 10, 2015 Betsy Farmer
Feb 10, 2015 Relya Downing
Feb 10, 2015 Elaine Heathcoat
Feb 10, 2015 Andrelene Babbitt
Feb 10, 2015 Eric Millard It is important to realize the "ripple effect" ensuring basic rights and needs such as clean drinking water for everyone would have in a socio-political context. Eliminate water shortage/contamination and we eliminate a huge societal stressor.

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