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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 9,591
Sponsored by: CARE USA

Thanks to the efforts of CARE supporters like you, reforms included in the 2014 Farm Bill mark significant progress in the effort to modernize U.S. international food aid for the 21st century. But our work is not finished.

With the International Affairs Budget at constant risk of devastating cuts, we need the Foreign Affairs Committee to know that we support feeding hungry men, women, and children — and doing it more effectively.

These food aid programs have fed billions of people in poverty and crisis since the 1950s. We need to ensure that we continue to make these critical programs more cost-effective and supportive of local, small scale farmers — many of whom are women.

We can't let this life-saving work stall — not when so many depend on it.

Tell the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Chairman Rep. Ed Royce, to support a strong International Affairs Budget, including a strong investment in international food aid programs. Let them know that you want their support for modernizing our food aid system for the 21st century: a food aid system that supports women and their families in poverty efficiently and effectively.

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To whom it may concern,

CARE's decades of work in emergency food assistance have shown us the importance of using the most efficient and effective response to meet the needs of women, men, and children during a crisis.

Congress made notable progress in the 2014 Farm Bill, increasing the flexibility of the U.S. government and partners like CARE to buy food locally when it can be cheaper and faster to respond to a food crisis and to rely on cash to support non-emergency programs instead of shipping and selling U.S. food in local markets, where it can undercut the same small-scale farmers that programs are designed to support.

These reforms to the U.S. international food aid system are significant and important. And in a time of constrained budgets and increasing needs, programs must be as efficient and effective as possible. I am proud that Congress recognized the need to improve on these decades-old programs, and I am in favor of a strong investment in them. I ask that you support robust funding levels for these programs, particularly at a time when humanitarian needs are rising.

More can be done to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our food aid system, and I will continue to advocate for efforts to more efficiently help people living in poverty worldwide. Please ensure we have a 21st century food aid system by supporting food aid reform.


Petition Signatures

Oct 31, 2014 Michelle Verser
Oct 31, 2014 Susan Heckler
Oct 30, 2014 Sarah Rowan
Oct 30, 2014 Geraldine Foo
Oct 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 30, 2014 Shannon Blea
Oct 30, 2014 T van den Broeke Robust funding levels for the U.S. international food aid system, as well as efficient and effective programs are a must.
Oct 30, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 30, 2014 Lynda Holt
Oct 30, 2014 debra espinoza
Oct 30, 2014 Rayleen Nunez
Oct 30, 2014 james riley
Oct 30, 2014 Angelika Burgard
Oct 30, 2014 heidi rodriguez
Oct 29, 2014 Michelle Oroz
Oct 29, 2014 Andrea Kendall
Oct 29, 2014 Simon Besagni
Oct 29, 2014 Estee Klemick
Oct 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 29, 2014 Sally Van Howe
Oct 29, 2014 melissa bennett
Oct 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 29, 2014 Kristina Bain
Oct 29, 2014 Barbara Cooper
Oct 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 29, 2014 Joanne Thomas
Oct 29, 2014 Margaret Horton
Oct 29, 2014 jan landi
Oct 29, 2014 Heather Gray
Oct 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 29, 2014 Annette Hill
Oct 29, 2014 Clay Brantley
Oct 29, 2014 Graeme Hunter The trouble with food aid is it getting to the people who need it. A friend of mine who is a doctor was in Saudi Arabia and he saw in the market people selling red cross boxes of food. Emergency food is very important keep the funds going.
Oct 29, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Oct 28, 2014 Melissa Ripple
Oct 28, 2014 Linda Gioia
Oct 28, 2014 Linda Schwartz
Oct 28, 2014 Laura Santori
Oct 28, 2014 Laura Fernández
Oct 28, 2014 elisabeth bernal
Oct 28, 2014 isabella amoroso
Oct 28, 2014 Blanca Cacho
Oct 28, 2014 Amanda Corwin
Oct 28, 2014 Joseph Capuano
Oct 28, 2014 zana midmore
Oct 28, 2014 monika pettersen
Oct 28, 2014 Sheri Snetsinger
Oct 28, 2014 Jim Page
Oct 28, 2014 Agata Wiśniecka

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