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Sponsored by: Bread for the World

Nations around the world, including the United States, have been working relentlessly toward goals that would end hunger and extreme poverty by 2030. Our hard work is paying off. Worldwide, extreme poverty has been cut in half over the past 30 years.

But the new administration and new Congress have threatened to dismantle and cut funding to lifesaving programs. We cannot allow our momentum to be stopped.

Join Bread for the World, a collective Christian voice urging our nations decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad.

Our collective advocacy reminds Congress to remember the people impacted by their decisions — people like Mercedita Cubar, a Filipino farmer who is learning to adapt her crops to rapidly changing weather patterns thanks to U.S. development assistance.

Federal budget proposals and resolutions have the power to set forth a long-term plan of eliminating hunger and poverty.

Bread is advocating for a budget that creates jobs, makes health care more affordable, funds safety-net programs like SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), and supports international development programs focused on alleviating poverty. All of this will not be possible without bipartisan agreement, which is why, Bread for the World's collective Christian voice for an end to hunger is more important than ever.

We have worked too hard, for too long, to have our progress come to a standstill. Will you help us end hunger by 2030? With a monthly gift, you can become a member of Bread for the World, and can help us maintain dedicated advocacy all year round.

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