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Sponsored by: Bread for the World

It's mid-morning in the village of Chimudomba in eastern Zambia. A circle of ten women with their young children sit in the shade to escape the hot African sun. One of these women, Christina, listens as the group's leader shares techniques that will help keep her baby well-fed and healthy. Christina learns how to grind up high-protein peanuts and black-eyes peas to add to corn-based porridge fed to children in her village.

Christina is learning new cooking skills that will help her give her newborn child a good start in life - and avoid the mortality that continues to affect millions of children under 5 in Africa.

Lifesaving programs like this exist because of vital funding provided by the U.S government. But without consistent and passionate advocacy, Congress will make cuts to critical health programs that help save the lives of women and children around the world.

Join Bread for the World, a collective Christian voice advocating to end hunger, in asking Congress to increase funding for international maternal and child nutrition programs in fiscal year 2017.

With a monthly gift, you can become a member of Bread for the World, and can help us maintain dedicated advocacy all year round. Becoming a monthly donor is an incredibly effective way to make a consistent impact and help us tell Congress that the lives of children we’ve lost to malnutrition and those who continue to suffer matter. They are not simply a statistic. They were, and are, human beings who deserve to laugh, play, love—and live—like the rest of us.


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