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A SONO Filter in a Bangladeshi home

Supply Safe Water

Access to clean, safe drinking water is a basic human right, but tens of thousands of Bangladeshis suffer from chronic arsenic poisoning due to contaminated groundwater.

This Gift That Gives More provides a SONO Filter for a Bangladeshi school or family, giving them the gift of clean cooking and drinking water.

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Child with a Hen

Feed Haitians

Provide a constant source of food in the form of egg-laying hens for the families of La Gonâve, Haiti.

Those who receive hens will learn to build coops, care for the birds, and collect eggs so they can have a reliable source of food that agriculture alone cannot not provide on this remote, limestone island.

Click to learn more and donate »

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Help Syrian Refugee Families

Help Syrians forced to flee their homes. Mercy Corps is providing emergency aid, clean water, food, and supplies to families living in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, as well as educational supplies for the children.

This Gift That Gives More provides aid to those in need during this crisis.

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