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Support Malala Yousufzai's Fight For Girls' Education

Attempts to silence the articulate voice of an ambitious young activist, author, and scholar is an affront to all who value the individual right to access the empowerment an education affords.

Urge current Secretary of State John Kerry to continue supporting young women's right to actively pursue an education without violence.

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Amazing! This Grain is Being Called the New Quinoa! Click to Learn More!

Fonio is a West African grain that holds a special place in Senegalese culture. It's a staple in breakfast, lunch, and dinner and plays a key role in local customs and traditions. The fact that it is also gluten-free is inspiring many to call this hardy, tough grain "the new quinoa."

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Supply a Burmese Village Clinic for One Day

Community-based clinics that offer free primary health care services are one of the most effective ways of lending support to the people of Burma.

This Gift That Gives More provides the daily essential medicines and supply costs for an entire village health clinic in Burma, each serving populations between 3,000-5,000 people. Medicines include antibiotics, anti-malarials, vitamins, supplements, and a wide range of other medicines to treat illnesses common to the area.

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Buses Urgently Needed for Safety of Afghan Schoolgirls
For a girl living in Afghanistan, going to school can be dangerous. In early November 2008, two men sprayed acid into the faces of girls as they walked to school, causing serious injury. In an effort to prevent further attacks, the Safe Ride to School program was created to purchase a school bus and hire a driver. Five years later, the bus is breaking down and we need to purchase another to ensure the girls of Mirwais Mena School get to class safely.

This Gift That Gives More helps a young Afghan girl get a safe ride to school by contributing to the purchase of a new bus.

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