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Hummingbird at amazing purple scrophularia

Wildfires & Flowers

What do wildfires have to do with wildflowers? Wildfires have struck the southwestern U.S. in vital migration corridors for pollinators. They've caused loss of habitat, erosion, and degradation.

We're already losing bees to varroa mites and CCD. They and our wild pollinators need healthy, flower-rich habitat - like this.

Check out a vital migration corridor in Arizona »

Spoons Good Enough to Eat

Edible and biodegradable spoons keep plastic out of landfills and away from water sources. Click to Read More »

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A Life-Changing Scholarship For Fatmata

Fatmata is a thirteen-year-old girl who resides in Develop Africa's Dream Home - an orphanage for Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone. She is currently in the 6th grade at Viceroy's Community Primary School. Fatmata's dream is to become a lawyer when she grows up, and she deserves the opportunity to achieve this goal.

This Gift That Gives More contributes to Fatmata's school fund, allowing her to continue her education.

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