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Stop Honor Killings

No More Killing

Women around the world live in constant fear of murder for actions perceived as being dishonorable to their family. 'Dishonorable' acts can be simple exercises of free will or events beyond their control.

Urge the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to continue advocacy to end to the barbaric practice.

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flame retardants

Chemical Ban

Every day, most of us sit on furniture that contains pounds of toxic flame retardants. These chemicals are released into the air in our homes and are associated with severe health impacts.

Stand with those asking for products free of toxic flame retardants!

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Gift Bags for Kenyan Orphans

Since 2004, Horizon Initiative has offered hundreds of orphaned children in Western Kenya with a gift bag to celebrate the winter holiday season. Each handmade bag is filled with small toys, craft kits, handkerchiefs, toiletries, and school supplies, while sourcing as many items as possible from Kenya.

This Gift That Gives More provides a holiday gift bag for an AIDS orphan from Kenya.

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