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Build a Better Life in Guatemala

Build Homes

A typical Guatemalan house consists of cane walls, a scrap metal roof, and a dirt floor. Many health and education problems stem from the lack of adequate housing.

Constru Casa coordinates with social-work organizations to identify families in need and build safe, sturdy, block houses for them.

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Sponsor the safe birth of a child.

We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the GreaterGood community. He's 3 days old, and as of now, still unnamed. He's lucky to be here, and it is all because his mother sought help at the Mae Tao Clinic in Mae Sot, Thailand.

His mother, Naw Pi, is just 25 years old. She lives with her husband in the Burmese state of Karen where they make a living as rice farmers. Neither have an education, or access to reliable medical care. So, when Naw Pi became pregnant for the fourth time, she was worried. Her first three children didn't survive childbirth. She didn't want to lose a fourth. Luckily, she learned about Mae Tao Clinic's birthing center on the Thai-Burma border. 8 months pregnant, Naw Pi and her husband took a 5 hour car ride to the clinic, where she began receiving regular free checkups in preparation for the arrival of her son.

The delivery went well, but Naw Pi's new son had a persistent fever. The clinic was equipped to assist, and within two days the fever had subsided. If the child had been born at home, he likely wouldn't have survived. The new family is thrilled, and so are we.

You can help other mothers in need.

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