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A new coat keeps this kid warm

Give a Coat

Help provide comfort and warmth for those in need while helping guard against illness in the form of a coat. Soles4Souls plans to distribute around 100,000 coats to homeless shelters, orphanages, schools, and community centers in the U.S. and abroad.

You can help provide a coat to someone in need.

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A Hungry Woman in the Sahel

Help the Sahel

The Sahel's nations need structural development to help them build conflict-resilient communities in the form of agricultural productivity initiatives, access to food and water, and drought preparation.

Ask USAID to explore the causes of unrest and create sustainable solutions for the Sahel.

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The Best Things to Donate to a Food Pantry Areā€¦

More than ever, Americans are depending on their community's social services to make ends meet. If you want to donate to your local food bank in a way that makes a huge difference, purchase items that are always needed and short on supply.

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Feed U.S. Seniors in Need

3.5 million seniors in the United States alone must choose between using limited resources to pay for rent, utilities like electricity and water, or for food. Our seniors, who are parents and grandparents and whose knowledge and experience are a treasure to society, deserve better.

This Gift That Gives More provides 200 meals to seniors, giving help and hope to those who need it most, through the work of Feeding America.

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Everyone Should Have a Right to Food

The United States is one of few nations left in the world that has made no recognition to the right to food.

It's time the United States led by example in the fight against hunger rather than trailing far behind the rest of the world. Demand the right to food for all citizens.

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Help Prevent Child Marriage in India
India has the largest number of child brides in the world. The vast majority of child brides never finish school, making it difficult to find gainful employment. Getting an education is one of the most effective ways to delay early marriage. A girl who receives seven or more years of schooling is more likely to delay marriage by four years.

Rippled Purpose feeds and educates girls living in slums outside of the resort town of Goa, India. For these young girls, getting an education is their only chance at a better life.

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