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Save Mae Tao

A cessation of hostilities in Burma doesn’t mean all the refugees get to immediately go home.

Tell Australia’s Foreign Minister to keep supporting the Mae Tao Clinic, a critical facility for more than 150,000 refugees, unemployed, farmers, and migrant workers in need on the Burma/Thai border.

Support Mae Tao. Sign the Petition.

Fair Trade Facts

We all know it's better to buy Fair Trade, but how much of an impact does your purchase really make? Click to Learn More »

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Safe Haven for Children Rescued from Human Trafficking

Every year, 1.2 million children are trafficked, and over half of these children are African. CREER-Africa is the only center in The Ivory Coast that provides children who have escaped from slavery with a safe place. CREER provides children with the tools necessary to successfully integrate back into their home community.

This Gift That Gives More provides shelter, education and food for a child liberated from human trafficking.

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