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Farmer spraying pesticides

Too Close to Home

Poisoned farmworkers. Neurotoxins in the community. Children facing developmental disorders.

These are the direct results of the large-scale use of organophosphates, an effective but extraordinarily toxic class of pesticide. They are a known danger to society.

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The Violence Hasn't Stopped.

Clenched fist in front of nervous woman

25 programs are managed by the Office of Violence Against Women, providing support, counseling, and much more. They are crucial for the survivors of abuse. But the program is under threat.

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Help protect Africans from river blindness.

Onchocerciasis, or river blindness, is a public health epidemic affecting millions of people worldwide. It is found in 36 African countries, and is the second leading infectious cause of blindness. The bite of the blackfly infects the unlucky victim with a parasitic worm, which lives on in the body and eventually causes blindness, among many other problems.

Imagine a once-a-year medication that would kill any parasitic Onchocerca volvulus worms in your system. Now, imagine that this medication cost 40 U.S. cents. And finally, imagine not being able to obtain that 40-cent, vision-preserving medication for yourself or your children.

You can help.

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Deep Forest Tunic
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