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Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage

The 19th Amendment granted women in the US the right to vote. It took the vision of many brave women to make it a reality.

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Send a Ugandan Child to School

Help Ugandan children focus on learning instead of hunger. Light Uganda provides impoverished children with a quality preschool education, as well as a healthy breakfast and lunch program, free medical care and growth monitoring, and programs to help empower parents and families.

This Gift That Gives Moreā„¢ provides healthy meals to Ugandan children in need.

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Fast Food: No Marketing To Kids

At a time when obesity is of utmost concern, it's important that our children grow up with healthy habits and nutritional guidance.

Call on the fast food industry to take responsibility for its role in childhood obesity. Ask major fast food corporations to cease marketing to children.

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These School Lunches from Around the World Look Delicious!

Ever wonder what kids typically eat in places like Cuba, Nigeria, or Russia? This interesting tour of school lunches from around the world will make you hungry for your mid-day meal!

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Support GROW - Girls' Right to Opportunity Worldwide
Helping a girl attain a secondary education makes a big difference for the student and her community. Furthermore, girls with a secondary education are healthier, delay childbearing, and enjoy greater equity within their marriages. To help families cover the costs of secondary education, GreaterGood's GROW program is providing funding for tuition, books, uniforms, and whatever is standing in the way for these girls in need, wherever they are.

This Gift That Gives More helps girls access a secondary education to lay the foundation for a lifetime of success and economic empowerment.

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