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Lend your support to UNICEF


Since its creation in 1947, UNICEF has saved more children's lives than any humanitarian organization in the world.

Send a letter to your representative to maintain the U.S. Government's annual voluntary contribution to support UNICEF's child survival programs.

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Building a Rain Collection System

Give Clean Water

Provide a lifetime of clean water by helping fund a simple, innovative rainwater collection system for a school in Africa.

The nonprofit organization Save the Rain teaches water-starved communities to use the rain as a sustainable water supply with the help of catchment systems.

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A Home & Schooling for Orphaned Girls in India

Provide a home and education for orphaned girls on the streets of Calcutta. With a hands-on approach, Baal Dan's volunteer staff personally visits orphanages throughout India, where they carefully select the very best environments for orphans and street children. When they can't find such a place, Baal Dan helps develop new facilities, including schools, libraries, and orphanages.

This Gift That Gives More sponsors a girl by providing them with good, shelter, medical care, and a quality education.

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Support Malala Yousufzai's Fight For Girls' Education

Attempts to silence the articulate voice of an ambitious young activist, author, and scholar is an affront to all who value the individual right to access the empowerment an education affords.

Urge current Secretary of State John Kerry to continue supporting young women's right to actively pursue an education without violence.

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Empowerment Through Education in Kenya's Maasai Communities

For Kakenya Ntaiya, education was the key to her own freedom and self-determination. Her dream of a better life as more than just a wife and bearer of children inspired her to return to her village and create a boarding school designed to educate young girls and save them from becoming child brides. Watch the video to learn more about Kakenya Ntaiya and her groundbreaking work for the Maasai girls of Kenya.

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Send a Girl to School in Afghanistan
Before the opening of the Zabuli Education Center, girls in area villages had no way to obtain even the most basic formal education. In a country where the literacy rate for women is less than 15%, only 14% of elementary school-aged girls are in school, the free education provided by the Zabuli Education Center is invaluable.

This Gift That Gives Moreā„¢ helps send a young Afghan girl to school.

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