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What is a GMO?


With all this talk about GMO's, it's worth taking a moment to explain what exactly makes a food product GMO or not. Click to learn more about GMOs »

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Why this ad?

Contribute To Ending World Hunger

When you give directly to GreaterGood.org, our 501(c)(3) charity partner, we'll direct your donation to worthy charities working on hunger issues, as well as poverty and peace initiatives with an aim toward ending world hunger.

This Gift That Gives More provides nutritious, wholesome food to those who need it most.

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Support the Paycheck Fairness Act

Even after the most recent April 2013 denial of the Paycheck Fairness Act, following two previous rejections, Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) is not backing down for the bill that would help ensure women are paid the same as their male counterparts.

Building upon the Equal Pay Act which gives workers the ability to fight for wage discrimination, the Paycheck Fairness Act is packing more power in its punch, allowing salary information to be shared amongst coworkers, and will require employees to explain pay differences between men and women based on job performance versus gender.

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These Heartbreaking Photos Show the Realities of Poverty in America

In 2009, Steve Liss gave up shooting pictures of presidents and the covers of TIME magazines and embarked on something he felt would be a bit more meaningful. He created "In Our Own Backyard" and Americanpoverty.org in an effort to raise awareness, dispel stereotypes, and encourage action to address poverty in the United States through the power of photojournalism.

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Buses Urgently Needed for Safety of Afghan Schoolgirls
For a girl living in Afghanistan, going to school can be dangerous. In early November 2008, two men sprayed acid into the faces of girls as they walked to school, causing serious injury. In an effort to prevent further attacks, the Safe Ride to School program was created to purchase a school bus and hire a driver. Five years later, the bus is breaking down and we need to purchase another to ensure the girls of Mirwais Mena School get to class safely.

This Gift That Gives More helps a young Afghan girl get a safe ride to school by contributing to the purchase of a new bus.

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