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Fair Trade at GreaterGood

Fair trade policies can change lives, lift families out of poverty, and create a truly diverse global marketplace.

Dear Customers:

I am happy that GreaterGood has given over $50 million dollars to charity since 1999, but I am more proud of the impact that our purchases have had on the lives of people who make our products. Money from our fair-trade product sales provides food, medicine, schooling, and hope for the children of our artisan partners.

We have sent buyers directly to more than fifty countries, and we work closely with non-profit partners like Aid to Artisans to identify producers like Alvaro Carreño in Peru, Maria Ruffatti in El Salvador, and Sana Hastakala in Nepal. We specialize in items produced by rural women artisans in the developing world and seek out areas where jobs for women are scarce, such as Mali, Haiti, Bolivia, and deep in the Amazon rainforest. Our work with war widows and refugees in Darfur, Tibet, Burma, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Guatemala, and Rwanda is particularly noteworthy. We invest in the communities of our artisan partners and provide rent in Uganda so former child soldiers can be retrained as adults, becoming the tailors who make our Global Girlfriend apparel.

We are committed to sourcing meaningful gifts that truly make the world a better place and allow our customers to help animals, fight breast cancer, reduce hunger, save wilderness habitats, pay for schools, and cure children. Thanks for making this possible through your purchases.

Tim Kunin
CEO of GreaterGood

Photos taken by buyers from GreaterGood

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