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Results — How You're Helping

Your clicks count! The tables below show results from your clicks — along with those of other visitors — on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button.

Last year, visitor clicks funded 52.8 million cups of food. Purchases at The Hunger Site store funded an additional 4.1 million cups of food.

Each year, as costs rise, we can still help with a free daily click. Tell others to increase the impact we're able to make together. Thank you for taking action!

Results : Daily and Monthly

DateClicksCups of FoodKilogramsMetric TonsPounds
Mar. 2855,18762,3613,536.23.57,795
Mar. 2768,40877,3014,383.44.49,663
Mar. 2671,74381,0704,597.14.610,134
Mar. 2573,59383,1604,715.64.710,395
Mar. 2473,11082,6144,684.74.710,327
Mar. 2374,59884,2964,780.04.810,537
Mar. 2259,03566,7103,782.83.88,339
Mar. 2155,81763,0733,576.63.67,884
Mar. 2070,04279,1474,488.14.59,893
Mar. 1973,81683,4124,729.94.710,427
Mar. 1870,91480,1334,544.04.510,017
Mar. 1773,04482,5404,680.44.710,317
Mar. 1676,57686,5314,906.84.910,816
Mar. 1559,14566,8343,789.83.88,354
Mar. 1456,12463,4203,596.33.67,928
Mar. 1358,76566,4043,765.53.88,301
Mar. 1259,49767,2323,812.43.88,404
Mar. 1172,66882,1154,656.44.710,264
Mar. 1072,45281,8714,642.54.610,234
Mar. 0974,71684,4294,787.64.810,554
Mar. 0857,17364,6053,663.53.78,076
Mar. 0755,75763,0053,572.73.67,876
Mar. 0671,11180,3554,556.64.610,044
Mar. 0576,23786,1484,885.04.910,768
Mar. 0479,75990,1285,110.75.111,266
Mar. 0373,84383,4434,731.64.710,430
Mar. 0278,60688,8255,036.85.011,103
Mar. 0161,13469,0813,917.33.98,635

DateClicksCups of FoodKilogramsMetric TonsPounds
Feb. 20151,988,5402,247,050127,419.9127.4280,881
Jan. 20152,183,4062,467,249139,906.4139.9308,406

Results : Yearly

DateClicksCups of FoodKilogramsMetric TonsPounds

In 2001, visitor clicks funded 44,147,417 cups of food at The Hunger Site.
In 2000, visitor clicks funded 167,564,354 cups of food at The Hunger Site.
In 1999, visitor clicks funded 52,983,557 cups of food at The Hunger Site.

This year, we can do even more, helping to provide food, clean water, and relief to people in the U.S. and around the world. Together, we're making the world a better place. Thank you for your support!

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