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Latest Better World Blog Articles

Malnutrition's "Perfect Storm" in Central African Republic

Apr 7, 2014: Continuing conflict in the Central African Republic has resulted in rampant malnutrition for the people affected from the crisis.

Foot Soldiers in Haiti's Fight Against Cholera

Apr 4, 2014: To help protect people from cholera, water and sanitation workers are educating their communities on best practices to support health.

Ethiopia: Access to Water, Access to Education

Apr 2, 2014: UNICEF and the European Union have joined together to bring more than 100 water points to Machakel district in Ethiopia.

Bessie Coleman: The First Female African American Pilot

Mar 31, 2014: When Bessie Coleman looked up to the skies, she saw her future. It didn't matter that she was a black woman in a country where no one would teach her to fly.

Leonore Goldschmidt: The Teacher that Outsmarted Hitler

Mar 28, 2014: After Leonore Goldschmidt was dismissed as a teacher, she found a loophole in the Nazi system which allowed her to open her own private school for Jewish youth.

The Contributions of Female Explorers

Mar 26, 2014: Three brave Victorian women, Marianne North, Mary Kingsley and Alexandra David-Néel, were determined to break through cultural limitations to become accomplished explorers in their own right.

MercyCorps: The Syrian Crisis and Water Scarcity

Mar 25, 2014: In a water scarce nation like Jordan, the wise use of water resources is a critical element to ensure that refugees continue to live in security with the resources they need to live.

Listen to the I Am Malala Song

Mar 24, 2014: This inspiring song speaks to the goals of gender equality and the determination to see a future where women and girls are given the same opportunities to achieve their potential.

Dancing for HIV Education

Mar 21, 2014: A fierce dance troupe called Addis Beza uses their moves to attract a crowd and then share information on HIV prevention and testing.

MercyCorps: Focusing on the Children of Syria

Mar 20, 2014: GreaterGood charity partner MercyCorps is on the ground and working in the refugee camps that have sprung up as Syrians fled their homes seeking safety and security.

Iraq: Innovation & Refugee Shelter

Mar 19, 2014: The Syrian refugees that fled to Iraq for safety and security are getting an upgrade to their living quarters.

Syria: An Ongoing Crisis

Mar 18, 2014: GreaterGood partner MercyCorps is on the ground helping with the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Watch the video to learn more about how they are helping.

Women's Enterprise in Africa: Weaving a Brighter Future

Mar 17, 2014: The African Wildlife Foundation took a unique approach to improving the quality of life for women by linking them to the health and well-being of the national park.

UNICEF Tap Project: Go Without Your Phone To Give Clean Water to Kids

Mar 14, 2014: Think there's nothing you can do to help kids in developing countries get access to safe, clean drinking water? Think again.

UNICEF USA: Combatting HIV/AIDS in Malawi

Mar 12, 2014: Access to powerful drugs can be the difference between life and death for a sick child. For Molumbu, a UNICEF-supported hospital meant he got the life-saving care he needed to fight back against AIDS.
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