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Yemen hospitals overcrowded, under staffed as conflicts continue

As fighting between pro-government and anti-government groups in Yemen continues nearly seven months after it began, hospitals are seeing more patients but have too few supplies and an inadequate staff, IRIN reports.

"We are facing an unprecedented shortage of medicine and qualified staff," Mohammed al-Qubati, head of a private field hospital told the news outlet. "All the roads leading to the hospital are either blocked or unsafe, putting the lives of dozens of wounded at high risk."

With so many injured soldiers from both parties flooding the hospitals, there is little room for civilians who have been injured by stray bullets and living in the war zone.

"There is not enough space to receive injured civilians," Ali al-Ghashm, deputy manager of the government-run Military Hospital in Sana’a, told the news source. "Some of the seriously injured cases in the ICU have no beds. The unit is also facing a shortage of artificial breathing tubes.”

Doctors are urging government health officials to allow civilian patients to be transferred to government-run hospitals in the city for treatments.

Many have fled their homes in Sana'a as conditions worsen. The humanitarian group Seyaj Organization for Childhood Protection said a nine-month old baby was recently killed from a stray bullet.
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