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WHO rethinks disapproval of cholera vaccine for Haiti

The World Health Organization (WHO) is reconsidering its initial hesitation to provide a cholera vaccine for the epidemic in Haiti after it learned there were more vaccines available than previously thought.

The WHO's Western chapter, the Pan American Health Organization, recently discovered that there could be 1 to 2 million vaccines available as opposed to 200,000, reports the New York Times.

“We recognize that it’s time to rethink our position. We don’t want to miss an opportunity," deputy director Jon K. Andrus told the news source.

There are 15 to 20 percent more cases of cholera in Haiti on a daily basis, Ivan Grayton of Doctors Without Borders told

According to the Times, at least 2,000 people in Haiti have died from cholera since the beginning of the outbreak. In order to work, the vaccine would have to be administered to patients more than once, and could take doctors' attention away from the full-fledged effort to rehydrate earthquake victims.

However, many organizations are willing to donate money to fund the cause.

The Organization will convene to make a decision next Friday, reports the Times.
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