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Urgent: Flooding Damages the Mae Tao Clinic

Severe rains have caused heavy flooding at the Mae Tao Clinic and the village of Mae Sot. Clinic staff responded admirably, swiftly rescuing medicines and supplies even as midwives continued to deliver babies while standing knee-deep in water. The clinic relocated temporarily to CDC school until the flooding subsided. Now, staff are left with the immense task of clearing up the debris, and restarting lifesaving operations once more.

Flood waters remain high, and damage to the surrounding village is great. Mae Tao Clinic medics are providing vital medical assistance to people who have lost their belongings and homes.

You can help by supporting the Mae Tao Clinic, and the Karen people, in their time of need through any of the Gifts That Give More described below.

Supply a Burmese Village Clinic for One Day: Community-based clinics that offer free primary health care services are one of the most effective ways of lending support to the people of Burma. Your donation provides the daily essential medicines and supply costs for an entire village health clinic in Burma, each serving populations between 3,000-5,000 people. Medicines include antibiotics, anti-malarials, vitamins, supplements, and a wide range of other medicines to treat illnesses common to the area.

Protect & Feed Burma's Schoolchildren: Mae Tao Clinic's Dry Food Programme (DFP) gives Burmese refugee children sent to boarding houses dry food rations, and hygiene and bedding supplies. The DFP provides the primary nourishment for 3,000 migrant students via rice, tin fish, oil, yellow beans, salt, and sweet powder. Without these essential food donations, many boarding houses would be unable to provide for the children. You can help these essential, shoe-string budget programs continue to nurture these vulnerable children.


Train a Backpack Medic for Burma: The ethnic minorities along the Thai-Burma border suffer limited health care and a health status among the world's worst. Mae Tao Clinic trains health workers who trek through the jungle with only the supplies they can carry to bring health care to the most isolated communities in eastern Burma. These brave people face incredible dangers from both the jungle and the government military in an effort to provide critical health services to remote communities in need.


With your support, we can help the Mae Tao Clinic recover from this disaster and continue to provide vital services to the area.

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