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U.S. provides significant relief to Pakistan flood victims

The U.S. achieved a milestone on Tuesday in its relief efforts in Pakistan. Since the beginning of the operation on August 5, more than 40,000 flood victims have been airlifted to safety.

"This new milestone represents tremendous teamwork between Pakistan and U.S. flood relief workers," said U.S. defense representative Michael Nagata.

According to the Associated Press of Pakistan, the Pakistani government set November 30 as the deadline to end the relief measures in order to shift the focus to civilian recovery efforts. There are currently 18 U.S. military helicopters and about 350 service members employed in the airlift missions, in addition to the $571 million being provided by the U.S. government.

Nagata also acknowledged the help provided by the Pakistani military as well as organizations including the World Food Program and USAID, which he said helped to "alleviate flood-related hardships for many people in isolated, flood-torn communities," reports the news source.

Sharifan Mai told the Global Arab Network that when she and her family first arrived at the refugee camps, they had very little to eat, but the army and local organizations quickly gave them food. Kuwait was one of the first countries to respond to the disaster and has been distributing food and other relief goods since sending nine trucks with supplies in August, reports the news source.
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