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U.N. report: climate change will raise cost of food

A United Nations report released during talks in Cancun on Wednesday stated that climate change is expected to result in lower crop yields and higher food prices as the population continues to grow.

According to the International Food Policy Research Institute, the price of corn could increase anywhere from 42 to 131 percent in the next 40 years, reports the Associated Free Press. Rice could go up by 11 to 78 percent, and wheat by 17 to 67 percent, according to the news source. The figures were calculated with the consideration of several future scenarios depending on the economy, population growth and climate change.

The IFPRI said that "one of the climate change scenarios results in substantial declines in maize exports in developed countries, but small increases in yields in developing nations. Wheat yields will fall in all regions, with the largest losses in developing countries," reports the news source.

The Institute suggested investing in agriculture in developing countries to help stave off the effects.

According to, planting trees, restoring land and improving soil are all ways to help combat the damaging impact of climate change on food security.
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