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Tiger Diets His Weight Down

Most people think of Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas as a sanctuary for rescued horses, but the Fund for Animal facility also provides a home to wide variety of exotic animals saved from roadside zoos, circuses, and private collections

Their latest addition, Gustavo, arrived last year after being taken from an unaccredited roadside zoo in Collins, Mississippi.

The first thing that the staff had to do was put poor Gustavo on diet. The Bengal tiger had grown so extremely obese in captivity that authorities had to cut open the cage in order to remove him. At 600 pounds, he no longer fit through the cage door.

Upon arrival at Black Beauty Ranch, the animal care staff put Gustavo on a healthy diet to slim him down to a more appropriate 450 to 500 lbs.

Also, his new surroundings give him plenty of space to move, scratch on trees, and even play with a giant enrichment ball

These days, the staff reports that Gustavo greets them every morning with the contented “chuffs” of a happy tiger. Along with the other tigers and exotic animals, he has found a healthy forever home at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

Photo of Gustavo by JP Bonnelly, provided courtesy of Fund for Animals. FFA is a "Click to Give" partner of The Animal Rescue Site.

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