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Taking dreams to Bolivian children

The Bolivian nonprofit Cree & Sueña (Believe & Dream) distributes Christmas presents in the remote area north of the capital city of La Paz.

2009 ChristmasIn 2010, Cree & Sueña plans to distribute toys and treats to the children in Puerto Carabuco, JiskaKota, Sawina, and Omasuyos; to children in San Pedro de Tiquina and Isla Flotante Ecologica Pachacamac; and to the children in the three villages of Challa, Challapampa, and Yumani located on Lake Titicaca's Isla del Sol.

Last year, with support from GreaterGood.org, Cree & Sueña was able to give away 2,500 "kits" containing toys and cookies for children whose families have no money for such items. Although the volunteers distributing the gifts have a hard journey to make -- some areas are only accessible by boat and others are at the end of "barely there" roads -- nobody minds the hardship. Being "able to see the smiles on the kids, is a wonderful feeling, just giving a little to somebody that doesn't has any expectation at all about Christmas," said one of the organizers.

To learn more about Cree & Sueña's Christmas project, click here.

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