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Stove project helps people and the environment's newest charity partner, The Cojolya Association of Mayan Women Weavers, works to provide economically viable work for Mayan women and to improve living conditions for them and their families.

ONIL stoveOne simple way that they achieve this goal is by installing ONIL stoves in the women's home. These pre-fabricated wood stoves eliminate the danger of burns and pulmonary illnesses caused by the traditional open fires found in many Mayan homes. The ONIL stove also uses 70% less firewood, burns more efficiently, and eliminates smoke from both the interior of the home and the atmosphere.

The replacement of traditional open fireplaces and cement stoves with the ONIL stoves not only helps families but also reduces the need for firewood, thus slowing the harvesting of the forests in the Lake Atitlan region.

To learn more about this project, please click here.
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