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Sometimes, the cost of doing good goes down

Photos courtesy of The Darfur Stove Project In 2010, the Dafur Stoves Project was able to lower their costs. Formerly, the Berkeley Darfur Stove would cost $30. Now it only takes $20 to provide a family with a highly efficient stove.

Through the use of flat kits imported to Darfur for assembly, the Darfur Stoves Project is able to assemble as many as 100 stoves a day and employ local workers, giving another source of income for families in the camps. These highly efficient stoves use up to 75% less fuel than traditional cooking methods, enabling women to minimize the dangerous seven-hour treks outside the camps to gather wood.  The stoves also give off less smoke  and are well suited to local high-temperature and high-wind outdoor cooking methods

Now, an entire stove costs only $20 and the Gift That Gives More™ has been changed to charge $15 for the "donor portion" of the stove. The refugee families will contribute $5 themselves. Most families are able and very willing to contribute $5, and have a sense of pride in their purchase. Dafur Stoves Project  underwrites that portion of the cost for families who need additional help.

To learn more about this Dafur Stoves Project, please click here
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