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Share And Save A Square Launches In April

After last year's successful $50K In 50 Days challenge at The Animal Rescue Site, the What You Can Do team is back again to ask viewers to "Share And Save A Square" of rainforest habitat.

The first day that the post appeared, more than 400 people shared, saving the equivalent of New York micro apartment.

"We are thrilled to be teaming up with GreaterGood again to help protect our rainforests," said Jessica Arinella, who produces the award-winning What You Can Do web series and the Unstoppable Minute with her sister Alicia. "We were hoping to have an impact by Earth Day, and are so excited to already be making a difference. To us New Yorkers, a micro apartment is a very big deal"

Rather than housing one New Yorker, Arinella pointed out that 400 square feet of rainforest can provide a home for hundreds of species, from the smallest butterfly to towering trees.

To save a square of rainforest land today, just go The Rainforest Site's Facebook page and share this post.


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