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Rwanda launches irrigation programs for food security

The first National Irrigation Week was successfully held in Rwanda, under the watch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, according to

The irrigation of hills and marshlands are a priority for the Rwandan government, as one important step towards providing food security for the nation.

Rehabilitated marshlands in the Muvumba Perimeter 8 area - consisting of 1,500 hectares of land - is expected to yield a 20,000 ton increase in rice per year. The rehabilitation is expected to finish by December of this year.

Some of the programs launched during the Irrigation Week were supported by the Rural Sector Support Project (RSSP) as well as the World Bank.

"The Ministry of Agriculture has committed to address the rice deficit by increasing Rwanda's rice production," Jolly Dusabe, RSSP Project Coordinator, told the news source.

Rwanda has a population of 11.37 million people with a median age of only 18.7 years, according to the CIA World Factbook. The population growth rate is ranked the 16th fastest in the world, at a rate of 2.792 percent.
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