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Roxanne Escapes Lab For Long Life At Sanctuary

At 30, Roxanne is the eldest Rhesus macaque at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. 

Like many of the monkeys now sheltered at this exceptional sanctuary, Roxanne was used in research for dental and hearing studies that attributed to the loss of most of her teeth and her hearing. While held captive in the research lab, she also apparently suffered in multiple cage fights that resulted in the loss of fingers and toes. By the time she arrived at Black Beauty Ranch in 1995, she suffered such severe muscular atrophy from being in a small cage while in research that she could barely climb.

These days, Roxanne’s age doesn’t slow her down. The lively macaque is the most active she has ever been, according to the staff, constantly exploring her enclosure and foraging in the grass. She loves tearing bark off of trees, say her caretakers, and she adores her treats. Roxanne likes to stuff her cheek pouches full and then munch for hours.

To celebrate her exceptional birthday (most Rhesus macaques only live fifteen to twenty years in captivity), Black Beauty’s staff covered her enclosure with streamers. Roxanne enjoyed such presents as kongs, food puzzles, and her favorite treats. supports Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and other Fund for Animal sanctuaries through the “Click Here to Give” program at The Animal Rescue Site and Gifts That Give More.

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