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Roscoe Looks Good In The Wild

Nobody knows why hundreds of sea lions pups started showing up starved on the beaches of California this spring. At the height of the crisis, Pacific Marine Mammal Center took in 167 pups, a record for the California nonprofit.

While NOAA and the larger scientific community continue to investigate what caused this mass stranding event, PMMC has focused its efforts on following up after their recovered “patients” are released back into the wild.

Each PMMC patient is traditionally tagged on their flipper with a very small orange tag with a code number. This year, four were released with satellite tags to watch their travels in the wild.

Roscoe, one of the four with satellite antennas, has been spotted by rescue teams near Newport, CA.  Spotters report that his overall body weight and health look normal, indicating that others should be fine too.

PMMC Executive Director Keith Matassa said “We were pleased to see Roscoe. He’s been on his own now for a few months, and the fact that he looks healthy and has a good weight indicates that he is doing well out there.”

This spring and summer, PMMC has released more than 120 sea lions and seals back into the ocean.  They continue to care for dozens of pups at their facility.

GreaterGood supports their important work through the Gifts That Give More program at The Animal Rescue Site.

Photo of Roscoe by JoAnn Smith, courtesy of PMMC

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